Bread from the Potter – Spiritual blindness


Bread from the Potter


Judges 16:21, Judges 16:28-30, Psalm 119:105, Matthew 4:16, John 1:5, John 8:12, 1 John 1:5-9.

Source: Spiritual blindness – Bread from the Potter

The sounds of children playing in the streets, laughter and pomp, these days will return.

For a moment they will be lost, for a moment they will be forgotten but they will return.

The future is not all dreary and dark, great times will return after the end of this age, for I have not ordained my children for misery and dread but their future is bright and full of hope.

Take courage children for at the end of the day night must commence but the darkness of night does not last forever sooner or later the sun will break forth and the day will dawn once again.

Children there is great good in store for you, even in the darkness I am your hope I am your source of light.

How can you lock up a man in darkness when light resides in him, he has only to look within and the light that is in him will shine brightly for him in the middle of darkness.

Children, have you ever considered my children who are physically blind? Why is there demeanor so full of hope? It is because though they physically dwell in darkness their spiritual eyes are wide open, they see me and I am their light.

Remember this, Samson had to learn this lesson, he learned it well.

When his eyes were put out he despaired even unto death.

He was a man driven by the lust of his eyes, anything he desired with his eyes he took, any woman he desired with his eyes he took.

Delilah was not the first but she was the last, for after he saw her he was betrayed by her, the very thing he had lusted for with his eyes is the very thing that cost him his eyes.

Yes it was a painful thing, a dark time for him but it was necessary and I allowed it for an important reason.

Samson lived by the lust of his eyes, he could see physically but there was never a man who was so spiritually blind.

He did not understand his anointing and he lost sight of his vision both physically and spiritually.

While he was blind and in servitude he learned the one thing I had tried to teach him all his life.

He could not see physically, he no longer was driven by the lust of his eyes and he now learned how to look within.

He saw himself naked and despondent, he saw himself alone yet not alone, he dwelt in darkness long enough for him to begin to see the light.

By the time he was brought before the Philistines he had dwelt in darkness long enough, he finally understood his mission and he saw his vision.

He not only saw it, he fulfilled it for he killed more Philistines in his death than he had killed during his lifetime and he did it when he was physically blind.

Children, some of you are still heavily in the flesh, you do not see me, you do not understand your mission, you are too busy living and walking in the flesh.

I am calling to you now, calling constantly and still you do not hear me, you are still so blinded by the lust of the flesh.

I command you now to come out of Babylon, come out of the place of spiritual darkness and see me, see me! I am your light and I have a mission and a vision for you.

My bride can see me and hear me, she is prepared for my return, she sees my vision and she is on a mission.

The cubs and the world are still high from the lust of their eyes, they are blind now and will either remain blind until they shockingly end up in hell or they will be shockingly woken up by my judgments and my return.

It is up to you, into which category do you fall?

Consider your ways, for the season of grace is about to end and soon follows My Father’s wrath.

Jesus, Selah.