Bread from the Potter – The calm before the storm


Source: The calm before the storm – Bread from the Potter


Matthew 24: 3-14, Mark 13:3-13, Luke 21: 7-19, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Galatians 6:7-8, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.

The calm before the storm

Children hang in there we are almost done. The reason why many of you are experiencing so much pressure is because we are near the finish line. You have been fighting for so long, carrying a heavy load for so long you are tired of it and you are ready to walk away from the battle.

Children this is because the end of this race is very near. Look around you violence is increasing, natural disasters are increasing in intensity and do not be fooled by the fact that there is not yet a major war in any part of the world. This is the calm before the storm, an eerie stillness, a most dangerous time, it will just take one small spark and the powder keg will explode furiously.

Do not rest, pray more, fast more, seek more; do not let the silence lull you into complacency. I tell you it is a trap, one that is meant to make you relax and go to sleep, a deception that seeks to convince people that all is well, that they should let their guard down and take it easy.

I am here to sound an alarm, hear the drums of war beating, though you may not see them, if you are astute you will hear them. Do not listen to the false prophets both in the church and in the media. They scream peace and calm while there is an invasion in the works.

War is coming, it is inevitable, it is sure, it is an agenda for there is one who is stirring the pot of trouble, one who is silently but surely troubling the nations, whispering dangerous ideas into their ears, it is all being orchestrated even as I speak. The ones who plan for chaos are wicked and have joined themselves to evil forever. My mercy and grace is removed from them forever and their judgment has been set.

These are dangerous times children therefore watch what you say with your mouth, for many, out of their own mouths have doomed themselves into hell fire itself, so deceived, so full of self, fools who do not believe in me or my judgment.

I call them fools for they speak rashly over matters that they do not understand and they do not seek understanding, for daily they spew insults at me and at my throne, they would not dare blaspheme another human being but they readily blaspheme me at the drop of a hat.

Foolish men by your own mouth you have brought judgment unto yourselves.

Drop your pride oh foolish one and seek wisdom and understanding instead of talking wickedly over matters that you do not understand.

You will not get away with your scorn and blasphemy, from my throne a fire will come forth and consume you and not even bones will be left behind, you will be incinerated where you stand, turned to ash and I will blow away your ashes like the wind blows away chaff.

I am warning you again, cease and desist, stop your disrespect and silence your waging venom spewing tongues for judgment is here.

Jesus, Amen.