Isaiah 5:20, Matthew 10:21, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:12, 2 Timothy 3:1-13.

Source: The days of disorder – Bread from the Potter

The days of order are over, the time of disorder dawns, for when the evil one takes rule over the earth and when the inhabitants of the earth willingly give him rule then disorder ensues.

Children, you are about to enter into the most confusing and chaotic times that this earth has ever known, everything will be overturned.

Already evil is being praised as good while good is frowned upon and called evil.

Now surely it doesn’t take much common sense to realize that something is wrong here, you do not have to be a genius to realize that the order of things has changed and this attitude will invade every area of life.

Man who is already a fleshly being will become so irrational, his very intellect will be so severely diminished and his reasoning so outrageous that even a small child will be dumbfounded by them.

Children, as a little child you learn by exploring and in the process you discover new things and also make mistakes and as a child you learn right from wrong but in this new era of disorder a child will know right from wrong but an adult will deny it in order to satisfy his flesh.

In this new era men will be seekers of pleasure, beyond just carnally minded; they will be so wicked that the elements of creation will cry out to me for salvation.

The earth will be literally sick so much so that it will seek to expel all the wicked that inhabit it out of sheer desperation.

The sun will cease to give its light because it cannot stand to see all the wickedness upon the earth.

The moon will seek to move further away from the earth in an effort to escape the defilement that will overtake the earth.

Death will become so commonplace that man will not even blink an eyelid at the numbers dying daily.

Selfishness will take on a new meaning; people will use and abuse the young, the weak and the innocent for their own pleasure without any remorse.

Men’s hearts will grow cold and calloused, it will be as if they have lost all of their humanity and indeed those who accept the mark of the beast will lose all their humanity.

Mothers will revile the fruit of their wombs, fathers will despise the seed of their loins, and children will by their own hand slaughter their own parents who raised them from birth.

Yes, society will be upturned the likes of which have not been seen since the days of Noah.

The evil of these coming days of disorder will be as the days of Noah only on a much larger scale and more insidious in these days of advanced technologies, for the fallen ones have perfected their wicked arts and have like before, taught men the forbidden arts.

Children I am revealing these things to you now that you may not be caught unawares by the coming days of disorder.

Jesus, Amen.