Bread from the Potter – The Deceitfulness of Sin


Source: The deceitfulness of sin – Bread from the Potter


Jeremiah 17:9, Ephesians 4:22, 2 Thessalonians 2:9, 2 Timothy 3:13, Titus 3:3, Hebrews 3:13, James 1:13-15.

Children, sin is not something to be taken lightly.

It is not a laughing matter, even when you think it is harmless or a joke.

Do you remember the times when you watched comedies and everyone laughed at the homosexual characters?

They were portrayed as funny, harmless but now look at how widespread this behavior has become and worst still look at how many people now think that this is an acceptable behavior.

Even in my own church there are those who support this behavior even though I have clearly said in my word that homosexuality is a sin.

What began as a harmless comedic joke is now a widespread culture the world over.

This is why I keep on warning my children not to play around with sin even when it “seems” harmless, the fruit of sin however small, however big the fruit of sin is always death.

Imagine how many people will end up in hell because of this behavior that was and is still presented as a comical behavior.

It has stolen the souls of millions of people and many of them are so stubbornly set in this wicked way and have given themselves over to it and worst still are heavily involved in spreading this abomination.

Children, put away all sin from you in all its forms, even when it appears harmless do not be taken in by it for that so called harmless sin or behavior is like a venomous snake that is laying still in the grass waiting for you to get close enough before it strikes and fills your body with its venom.

Stop it now children! Stop the coarse jesting and the winking at sin, do not partake of it in any way and be quick to warn others about the deceitfulness of sin.

Oh, so many young children and teenagers have been sucked into all forms of sin to include sexual immorality in all its forms, and drug addiction among other sins and it all started as an “innocent” little thing, an experiment if you will, but now their souls are trapped in deep sin and they do not have the strength or resolve to resist leave alone break away.

If they remain in this position they may never be free and will end up prisoners of hell.

Another very powerful hell trap is pornography.

It starts off as a joke or a dare or just a desire to indulge in sin, at first you are able to walk away but soon you become so addicted, for some it is like a drug, you must get your fix of it on a daily basis, by this time you are trapped and unable to break away, not only this but as you explore deeper and deeper into pornography you are drawn into more abominations and debauchery.

Do you know how many people who started watching pornography are now practicing wickedness in the form of pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, swinging, BDSM? Things that they were once revolted by, things they considered taboo have now become the new normal for them.

Children, many souls are trapped in this way and I am sad to say that many of them will never be free because they have been deceived into thinking that their behavior is normal and furthermore the pull of sin is too strong for them to break away.

I am warning you very loudly today, flee sexual immorality!

Resist sin unto the shedding of blood!

Come to me, let me wash you and hide you under the shadow of my wings.

Come with all your filth. I am able and willing to make you clean.

I love you.

I am waiting for you with open arms.

Jesus, Amen.