Bread from the Potter – The Gambler


Source: The Gambler – Bread from the Potter


Matthew 5:30, Matthew 18:8, Mark 8:36, Mark 9:43, Luke 15:11-32, James 1:14-15.

My prodigals, my cubs, I have waited for you to return to me for a long while now.

 There was a time when you would leave for a season and return much earlier and faster but this time something is different.

 I have waited a long time.

 I have been standing by the wayside every morning and every evening hoping to catch a glimpse of you, but you have not yet returned.

 What is keeping you away from me this time? Have your sins so overwhelmed you that you cannot remember what it feels like to be clean?

Has the seductive serpentine nature of sin so seduced you that you have no desire to return to me?

Are you still thinking that you can stay away a little while longer before you return to me because you are under the false assumption that there is still enough time for you to return and repent before I come to get my bride?

You have played this game over and over again, gambling with your soul.

 Like a gambler who is addicted to the dice you return to the gambling table over and over again hoping that you will win big just this one time and like a hopeless gambler even if you win big one time you return to the dice hoping for an even bigger win.

 Instead of taking your winnings and fleeing you return to the call of the dice.

 A gambler always overestimates their ability and luck for indeed luck is what they depend on.

 In much the same way my prodigals are playing dice and this time it is not necessarily for money but for the pleasures of the flesh.

 They will not listen to reason; they have forgotten how hurt they were the last time they went gambling.

 They forget the threats of those they owe money to because the pull of the dice is too strong for them.

 It started as a fun game and on many occasions at the beginning they were able to walk away of their own free will but now their addiction runs deep and even though their heart is sounding out a warning to stop and depart before it is too late the pull of the dice and of the flesh is too strong to resist, in fact they have lost the desire to resist.

 Like a blind man being led by the hand so are they led by their carnal desires.

 This is the current plight of my missing prodigals; they left last time and took it for granted that they would return in time for the departure of my bride, they underestimate the power of sin over them and the amazingly strong pull of their flesh.

 I am beginning to get concerned for it is almost time for my return and my prodigals have not yet come back home to me.

 At this rate I will have to leave them behind and there are no guarantees that they will ever make it home.

 Indeed some will never make it home they went awhoring after the flesh and this time the flesh will not let them go and worse still should they receive the mark of abomination their fate is sealed eternally.

 My cubs, my prodigals you do not have much time to return home.

 I am pleading with you to return now while there is still a sliver of time and indeed that is all that is left, a sliver of time.

 If you do not return within this short window of time your troubles will be unbearable and there is no guarantee that you will make it back to me.

 Give it up, give up that last sniff of coke, give up that last pornographic video, give up that sexually immoral relationship that you are involved in, give up masturbation, give it up now! fall on your face before me, repent and let me heal, cleanse and restore you.

 Believe me it is not worth losing your soul.

 Come home prodigals.

 I love you.

Jesus, Amen.