Bread from the Potter – The Invasion of Evil


Source: The invasion of evil – Bread from the Potter


Matthew 10:16-26, Matthew 24:3-28, Luke 18:8, John 10:10, Romans 1:18-32.

The Invasion of Evil

The world defiles the things that are holy. They defile my Holy name, my commandments they delightfully break, my covenants they spit on.

They defile the innocent, the little children. Anything that is pure they seek to make impure. If you have not realized by now, much evil has already invaded the earth.

The love of man has waxed cold; love is now defined in unnatural terms and in unnatural ways. By unnatural I mean that which goes against nature as it was created at the beginning.

There is the defilement of species and between species.  The intention is to destroy the purity of all that I created so that what I created as I created it in the beginning will no longer be found upon the earth.  Satan is trying to erase my fingerprints.

He has polluted much, not just the species but the earth itself, the air, the water, the land; these are filled with poisons and much blood both innocent and not so innocent.

By the time I return much of what I created will not only be corrupted but will be unrecognizable.

For this reason I ask, will I find faith when I return upon the earth?

Will there still be my image bearers upon the earth or will all be lost?

Despite all his efforts Satan and his evil elite will not succeed in erasing my fingerprint, my Name or the remembrance of me from the earth.

In quite a few cases, his evil tactics will drive some right into my arms for they will be so horrified by the evil invading the earth that they will run to me for relief.

These are the repentant ones and I will not turn them away, instead I will embrace them and they will find a place among my beloved children.

Furthermore, as my children stand resolute in me their unwavering faith, commitment, deep love for me and their raising of my Name high up in praise and worship in the middle of great tribulation will cause many of the previously undecided to join them and become a part of them.

Satan believes he can bully men into submitting to him through pain, fear and violence, and yes indeed, some will fall for this, but those seeking goodness will push through the tortures he will inflict on them and come to me.

Many will lose their lives, many will watch their loved ones tortured and killed before their very eyes, but they will not give in, their faith in me, their love for me and the promised reward of a life in heaven, a life without sin, pain or death, these things will strengthen their hearts and they will willingly withstand their temporary sufferings harsh though they may be.

Children, I want you to make up in your mind right now before the trials come your way that you will stand for righteousness sake no matter the price you must pay.

Pray for yourself that should you be faced with this choice that you will stand strong in your love for me.

Do not be proud thinking you are strong enough; you are not, without much prayer, without my Holy Spirit you will not be able to stand on your own.

Prepare now that on that day you may not be put to shame, you may not lose your soul by choosing to save it instead of laying it down for me.

Ponder these words.

Jesus, Amen.