Bread from the Potter – The Name and the blood of Jesus



Isaiah 9:6, Mark 16:17-18, Acts 4:12, Romans 10:13, Philippians 2:9-11, Matthew 26:28, Colossians 1:14, Revelation 12:11.

Source: The name and the blood of Jesus – Bread from the Potter

Children, there is still power in My blood; there is still power in My Name.

Appropriate the things that have been so freely given to you in your life.

Many churches no longer preach about the power that is found in My blood.

It is My blood that cleanses you of sin, it removes every form of impurity, it searches the deepest darkest hidden places in your life, it removes all of your vilest impurities.

The washing of the blood leaves your soul pristine; you are washed white as snow with no residue of your former nature left behind.

The enemy cannot stand in the presence of My blood; My blood is like acid to him it burns him and everything in its path that belongs to the enemy.

It does not just burn but like acid it disintegrates all that is in its path without leaving a residue behind.

By My Name you can bind up and pull down strongholds, you can call out demons that are inhabiting a body, you can remove disease; literally remove it from a body.

By My Name you can call that which is not present into existence into the present.

By My Name kingdoms are established and by My Name kingdoms fall.

By My Name curses are broken and chains are shattered.

By My Name the captives are set free and by My Name you have the victory for there is no Name that can be Named that is above My own.

By Me, by the Word and in My Name all that is was created.

My Name was at the beginning and will remain throughout all eternity.

Children, it is time that you discovered once again the power that is in My blood and in My Name.

When you call a blood covering over you in faith you literally become invisible to the enemy, he cannot locate you, you bring wrath and confusion in his camp.

The minute a soul is saved My blood washes that soul clean and he is no longer scarlet, marred in sin but becomes white as snow, not just white but bright, blindingly bright in the spirit world and your spiritual state is immediately recognizable as one of My children.

I Am with you now and always children, cling to me, do not wander away from your strong tower, remain under the shadow of My wings, by My blood your place in me is ensured.

As you abide in me, you begin to look like me and My Name opens doors that have been shut in your life.

Children, you can use My Name as a fiery weapon, just make sure you are aiming that weapon at Satan and not at man.

My Name and My blood are not meant to be a weapon against man, but against Satan and his hordes.

Do not use either one to tear each other down or out of pride; you have no idea the power contained in My Name and in My blood.

Father made it so, that there is creative power on behalf of men, a power that creates and mends, and a destructive power against Satan, one that annihilates him and his hordes and shatters his devices into a million tiny pieces.

Do not use My Name or My blood in vain, for they are both power.

Get into scripture and discover the power that My blood and My Name hold and then apply them in your life.

I assure you that you will start to walk in the fullness of My revelations on this earth instead of waiting to do so in the next world.

Go and read My Word.

Jesus, Amen.