My Bride is beautiful and she is white and radiant and perfect for Me…


Words from the Lord… My Bride is beautiful and she is white and radiant and perfect for Me because she has prepared herself and made herself beautiful to Me in all her ways. Let Me count them, the ways…How does she love Me?

1. She is a radiant Bride—she has made herself Holy and Beautiful. She shuns all worldly things because she knows they are distasteful to her Groom.

2. She pursues Me with all of her heart and being. This is how she shows Me she loves Me. She is thinking of Me 24/7 as I Am her First Love and Only Love. O’ you may love your spouse or fiancé or your children or parents or siblings but you must love Me more and desire Me more. As you commit yourself to Me this longing for Me will grow stronger.

3. She reads My Love Letters to her. These letters are called the Old Testament and New Testament. You understand this, it is self-explanatory.

4. She worships and praises My Name. This does not have to be done by a tenor or soprano or public speaker. She can praise me with her simple small voice that is off key or hoarse or tired or not feeling well. She can praise Me with a few words or many words for I know her heart. When she is tired or ill I know a few words will suffice for I know her heart. A smile from the heart goes a long way with your God.

5. She shows Me she loves Me by going out of her way for others. She can do this with a baby in arms or a toddler or sick parent or at work. She does not have to schedule it though she may put this activity of loving others on her calendar.

I Am not all about works but I Am about My Father’s Business which is bringing others to Me and then to Him. Only those who come to Me will ever share the presence of My Father, My O’ so Holy Father in heaven.

Going out of your way for others does not have to be long and tedious. O’, no. Just pick something up from the ground for them, pay a few extra cents in line that someone needs, turn around to someone standing beside you or sitting next to you. Speak loving or positive words to those. Then you may say that God loves you very much and I want you to know that we are in the end times and He is coming back soon for His church, His Bride, and He wants you to go with Him and not be left behind.

This is how you can assure yourself you will not be left behind. Give them the Marriage Supper of the Lamb link. You can print it on a business card and pass it out or you can verbally speak it to them to copy or write it on a scratch piece of note book paper. You can record it anywhere or any way you like.

It is the most succinct body of Truth in how to be prepared for My soon coming that is in print. I have personally ordained this body of work by the power of My Holy Spirit to Susan Davis when she was on a forty day fast.

My daughter, Donna, works with Susan. They are ministry partners under Me and the Holy Spirit. One is the mouth, one is the set of hands, but they both make up a body that works for My purposes in these end times.

Words from the Lord to Donna, timeless