My Brides Message 390 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 8, 2017

My Brides Message 390

I have asked the Lord who I am in Him, and have been asking Him where we were in the things to come.

The Lord showed me that the first message He had given me to share back in 2000, and my dreams had an importance in that they indeed had a reason for their order and content.

The very first message in 2000 the Lord gave me to share was that He would do a spiritual rescue not a physical like was done in the days of Moses, as nothing of this world will go.

First my dreams were of war and rumor of war, devastation, destruction and upcoming plans of the enemy that were not able to come to pass as the Lord stopped them from happening, or did not let the be as bad as satan had wanted them to be. He showed me that answering His call to prayer that His will be done is part of how He used us as His vessels.

He also showed me that dreams of fighting off the enemy, dreams of being attacked and even being in the enemy’s camp were things that His children have been doing in the spiritual realm for many years now, and that they sometimes spill over into dreams.

Then I dreamed of water flowing and flooding the land, everywhere, and the Lord told us of His Holy Spirit washing us, cleansing us, and filling us with His anointing, wisdom, understanding etc.

This was why the many calls to come into Him, and the more recent call to come back to Him as we did when we first asked Him into our hearts.

Then I dreamed about the attack on the US being blamed on the Russians’, and the Lord said it is all one big circus. The Lord has told me that this dream was warning of the attack on the elections, and that is still being messed around with even though Congress has declared Trump the winner.

The next dream The Lord showed me was of going to a place of rest riding in a cart pulled by two black horses He called a check point.

That the west coast was representing a tropical environment and telling of the storms that are hitting the west coast now.

I then had a dream of being given keys to a new car, but I did not see the car. The Lord just told me the car represented me. He said the vehicles in our dreams were representing vessels, us as vessels, and that I have now been made a new bigger and stronger vessel.

That through us as vessels He has done and will do many wonderful things bringing people to Him and His kingdom.

Then I watched Navy helicopters claiming they were under attack to justify them being where they were, and starting an attack.

The next dreams were of helping people during the harvest and into the tribulation. Then I dreamed of teaching people on a grassy hill during the 1000 years.

My Brides, My Children, the above things I have shown to Terri and you, are for you to see that indeed the time of My taking out My First fruits, My Brides and the others to the places of safety is indeed at hand.

The things that have happened, and the things that are to come are what I have been preparing your Spirits for. This is indeed the time I am making ready My army, My Brides, My Children, My Loves.

Some of the things that had been foretold have happened, we indeed are in the last days right now. The next phase is happening right now, as I Am preparing you all now.

I have told you that it was time to bring you into the next phase and indeed this is happening. The time of restoration, has come, the falling away from fear, and from the world, the awakening, revealing, revival, anointing, even the harvest is happening right now.

Soon even greater things will happen, but not before I take those that are mine out of harm’s way. Stay well grounded in Me, My loves as this will happen at any time now.


He has been bringing us to this time for over 2000 years now. Soon we will see Him face to face, and have all revealed, we will completely know His wisdom, understanding and truth.
We will come into all that He has for us, and any day now the time for our reunion will be here, as it is only a motion away.I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, God bless us all as we wait in Him, and for Him. That all that have not yet gone to Him go to Him again as a child and ask Him once more to forgive us, and come into our hearts to live and make us His brand new creation, and receive all that is of Him.