You Can Be Replaced Message 423a – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 2, 2017

You Can Be Replaced Message 423(a

)I had a dream last night that I was delivering milk to a store with Jim Carrey. I knew I was given a new name, but I do not know what it was and that this job was to be given to another.

The other woman said she had some other things to do first and would come back and we would switch. I agreed but when she came back she did not want to take her position back.

Jim was driving me home and I wrote my phone number on his hand to call me if he needed help again. I wrote the number and saw that it was not my phone number in life so I put a line through it.

I then wrote it again and that last few numbers I wrote were 2, 7, 3. I wrote the number 2, and it kept changing between 2 and 7. It also was light outside when we started to leave, to take me home then, when I was writing the numbers on his hand it got dark.

I was led to look up James, 2: 7 and James 3. Please read them.

I also saw another phone number written on his hand but I do not remember what it was.

I also saw today that in the dream I had that the world was flooded with 40 feet of water, that my husband in my dream was Jesus, and He was represented by a friend of mine named Jeffery.

I found that one of the meanings of the name Jeffery is traveler, in that dream we got ready to leave the house, put leashes on the animals and walked away and left everything.

My Children, every one of you have a calling, a gift, an anointing, even if you do not see it, or know what it is, it is there.

When you go off of your post, leave your position, this job still needs to be filled, and I will give your position to someone else.

No, you have not lost your salvation, or My love, but you can lose My anointing, you can lose your gifts, and you can lose your crowns.

Truly My children it is up to you to stay the course, and this is why I have cautioned you to keep your eyes on Me, do not let others lead you into another direction, and do not seek Me through them.

You are to come to Me first in All Things, and come to Me yourself.

You are also not to come against one another, do not be so sure that they are not hearing Me right, as in all messages I do give, there is a reason for My words.

Your coming into division or leading others into division is not what I want. If you are unsure, come to Me for discernment and leave them alone, keep them in prayer and let Me work in them.

They too have a choice to Hear My voice and follow My lead. If others follow them it is their choice too. You all have to find your way in Me.

The more you are in Me, the stronger you get, and the better you are able to discern the things My Spirit is telling you, the better you are able to follow My lead.

Do not fall into the Great Deception because this deception is when you deceive yourself. When you trust in another more than you trust Me in you.

When you fall into insecurity, self doubt, uncertainty, you open a door for them to get in.

You can also do this when you fall into pride thinking you are greater than the rest or that this is so easy.

It is not easy, and you are not greater than the rest. It is Me in you and Me alone that works through you.

You are not doing mighty works, it is I doing them through you, as without Me and My anointing this could never be.

It is through My Holy Spirit that works through those I will, and I will stop just as fast as I started if you stray off of the path I set before you.

Don’t let your light go dim, or out as I AM The Light, so stay in Me, let Me show you the way, the true way of your path.


We need to keep our eyes on the Lord, not come into division, not look for those that we think are not of God and attack them, as I saw in James chapter three, we are judged more harshly when we are teachers and when we state our opinion someone listens and follows. Or come against them as it is also said we need to tame our tongues.

Go to Him first in all things, and know His will for us. He does love us so very much and will lead if we let Him. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the whole body of Christ is opened and receive His whole truth, understanding and all that is of the Lord. Amen