Captive Spirit Part 1 – Amanda Buys


Published on 27 May 2016

The following is an extract from the latest course ACTS (Advanced Counsellors Training School).
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Captive Spirit:
Captive spirit is a condition related to, but more serious than that of slumbering spirit. Rather than simply being awakened to life, captive or imprisoned spirits must be set free from powers of darkness. Discernment requires operation of the gifts of knowledge and perception, and careful observation of the symptoms plaguing the individual.
In this lesson, we will explore those symptoms and discuss helps for healing the person with a captive spirit.
Topics include:
– Capturing Often Begins in Childhood
– Healing the Captivity Itself
– Demonic Places of Captivity
1) Sheol
2) Place of Forgetfulness
3) Pit of Despair
4) Devouring Spirits
5) Refuge of Lies