More Than A Carpenter – Josh McDowell


More Than A Carpenter

by Josh McDowell

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When I first sat down in 1976 with twelve legal pads, forty-eight
hours of free time, and a lot of coffee to write the
book that would become More Than a Carpenter, I did so
hoping that it would help followers of Jesus to respond to
questions about their faith, and inspire spiritual seekers to
honestly investigate the claims of Jesus. I never dreamed that
the story of my personal journey from skepticism to belief
would ultimately sell more than fifteen million copies, be
translated into nearly one hundred languages, and inspire
readers around the world to take a closer, deeper look at the
possibility of faith. I continue to be honored and humbled
each time someone tells me that my book made a difference
in his or her life.

Yet I also continue to be struck by how much has
happened in the world since More Than a Carpenter first
released. Discoveries have been made (and continue to be
made) which shed light on the historicity of Jesus Christ.
“New Atheists” have entered the popular culture with
books proclaiming the end of faith and the downfall of
God. And while today’s generation faces a whole host of
new issues and choices, they also continue to confront the
age-old questions: Who is Jesus? What proof is there that
he was the son of God? And even if it were true, what difference
would it make to my life?

Based on all this, I decided it was time to give More Than
a Carpenter a makeover for the twenty-first century. So I
invited my son, Sean, a well-known speaker, teacher, and
writer on apologetics and the Bible, to update the book with
me. Sean brought his strong academic credentials (a double
master’s degree in philosophy and theology) to the table,
along with his own experience as an author, providing a
welcome perspective on postmodern faith. The two of us
worked together to create a brand-new chapter, revised
material, discussion questions, and a fresh look. The result
is a new edition of More Than a Carpenter that nonetheless
retains its original hard-hitting examination of the facts and
unapologetic search for truth.

It is my profound desire and Sean’s that this book will
have a transformational impact on a new generation of
people on a quest for spiritual clarity.