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1,800-Year-Old Tablet Found Proves All Jesus Doubters Wrong

1,800-Year-Old Tablet Found On The Bottom Of The Sea Proves All Jesus Doubters Wrong Prophecy in the News January 11 2017   After years of being overlooked, archaeologists finally uncovered the ancient tablet found at the site of the biblical city of Tel Dor. Because the large stone tablet has immense historical significance it was immediately […]

Russian scientists ‘discover NOAH’S FLOODWATER…’

Russian scientists ‘discover NOAH’S FLOODWATER at bottom of deepest hole in the world’ By PATRICK CHRISTYS Published Nov 19, 2016 RUSSIAN scientists dug the world’s deepest hole and discovered water from Noah’s great flood, “disproving the myth” that the earth is made up of dry, rocky layers, it has been claimed. The Kola […]

Archaeologists Uncover ‘Fascinating’ Evidence of King Hezekiah in Israel

Archaeologists Uncover ‘Fascinating’ Evidence of Bible’s King Hezekiah in Israel Christian News Network By Garrett Haley on October 3, 2016 TEL LACHISH, Israel – Archaeologists digging out the ruins of an enormous ancient gate in Israel have discovered evidence that confirms one of the Old Testament’s historical accounts of King Hezekiah. In January of this […]

Oldest known Ten Commandments carving in Hebrew found…

You Won’t Believe Where This Ancient Ten Commandments Carving Was Found Revelation Revealed 27 September 2016 A boulder inscribed with a Hebrew translation of the Ten Commandments was reportedly found in the last place people may expect: America. It is said to be the oldest known Ten Commandments written in Hebrew. A boulder inscribed […]

World in chaos, Israel gets singular focus at UN

 StandWithUs  13th June, 2016 Finally, AP (Associated Press) takes note of the stunning hypocrisy displayed in the United Nations with their Israel obsession. “Wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Enforced disappearances, torture and extremist attacks infringe on human rights worldwide…But while human rights abuses are legion in these […]