Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

I Hear Your Cries to Know Me Better!

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 28 Sep 2017 Beloved. I hear your cries to know Me better, My Child. I hear and I say, with DELIGHT, I shall come to you and take you deeper. But first, surrender all, Dear One. You must be free and not encumbered with the cares of this […]

Realize Who You Are!

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 20 Sep 2017 Beloved.  I have been hearing in the Spirit about the Bride of Christ today. How the LORD has raised her up from all walks of life, from dire circumstances, from the pits of destruction, from hidden places of hopelessness, and even from certain death. Her […]

Strength For The Battle (A MUST SEE RIGHT NOW)

Behold I Come Published on 28 Sep 2017 We are warned of impending judgment but Father will always give us encouragement and strength for every battle we will face. Our hope and trust are in Him alone. (For a complete list of scriptures for this message, please go to ) To read other words […]

In Your Darkness, My Light Shall Dawn!

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 21 Sep 2017   Beloved, suddenly, even in your darkness, My Light shall dawn. Out of the blue, My Glory shall appear. Do not faint, Dear One. You shall see My Goodness in the land of the living. I delight in you because you have honored and loved […]

I Raise Up Nations And I Destroy Them

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 18 Sep 2017 I, Mashiach, the King of all creation, the Only Savior for mankind, scour the earth, looking for those who embrace My Truth. The warnings from My messengers and prophets have been declared for many generations and now, as you see, the time has come for […]

You decide what kingdom you belong to…

Donna McDonald 14 September 2017 Letter from the LORD to Susan Davis that supports the word Donna McDonald received from the LORD on the form the raptured bodies take on at the immediate moment of the rapture. This new body is fluid, it is able to change. It takes on a state of fluidity. It […]

Messages from Warrior Princess…

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 11 Sep 2017 My Judgment Begins Now 8/20/2017 The world is about to change My Love. Not just the United States but the entire world. My judgment begins now. For it is the only way now for many to find Me. They must walk through this darkness, but […]

Very Soon Will Things Begin to Happen…

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 13 Sep 2017 Very Soon Will Things Begin to Happen “The ‘Abomination of Desolation’ is soon to appear on centre stage, My daughter. You will know him, for My Holy Spirit within you will witness to you of his true identity. He will appear as a man of […]