Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

Word from the Lord to Messenger Gwendolen Song 11 May 2020

Gwendolen Song 11 May 2020 ex·com·mu·ni·cate verb: Officially exclude (someone) from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church. Hello friends in Christ Jesus. Others have spoken of this event, and now the LORD JESUS is asking me to also inform the church of a very serious moment in church history when the […]

Words given from the Lord to Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald 22 April 2020 THIS IS A PROFOUND MESSAGE THE LORD SPOKE TO ME AND I SHARED AT A CONFERENCE IN CHICAGO. Words from the Lord to the bride on hearing MY Voice I am your God and I love you. I am here to speak to you the occasion of the Passover. I […]

Rhema Word: THE NEXT 6 MONTHS – Gwendolen Song

Gwendolen Song 19 Mar 2020 The Next Six Months Messenger Gwendolen Song March 19, 2020 To My dearest children who are seeking your Heavenly Father with all of your heart, Children, the hour is late and I want to give you some detailed instructions for the next six months. You may ask yourselves, “Why is […]