Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

Susan Davis – We serve an amazing God…

Susan Davis 28 January 2019 I am so grateful that we have the GOD we do, I mean the idea that GOD existed before we even conceived that we needed HIM is mindboggling. And that GOD is full of mercy and grace, with love that is everlasting who wants to be with you for eternity […]


MrSandwichSandwich Published on 8 Dec 2018 9 DECEMBER 2018 Today when I was worshiping GOD and I was repeating to HIM how HIS WORD endures forever. I believe the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD put this thought on me. HERE IT IS: “You ENDURE by filling yourself up with the WORD, because the WORD ENDURES FOREVER.” […]

Susan Davis – 26 SIGNS we are in the END TIMES…

Susan Davis 21 January 2019 Dear Readers: If the End Times Message is radical to you—if it causes you to be indifferent to it—or you believe it is complete rubbish—I am sorry to say you are far from the Living GOD. This is because GOD’s heart is all about the End Times Message: preparing a […]


Susan Davis 9 January 2019 I’ve noticed that on many FBs there are heated debates going on about whether women should be pastors or not…Christians need to stop worrying whether they should have a male or female pastor and consider this: in a recent survey of pastors–40 percent of pastors admitted to problems with pornography….that […]