Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

Halloween is TOTALLY anti-GOD…

Susan Davis 3o October 2016 Halloween is TOTALLY anti-GOD…let me demonstrate my point: GOD uses objects and sometimes animals symbolically in the Bible to make HIS point. And all the things you see related to Halloween have their origins in the Bible representing evil in some way like spiders, witches, wizards, cauldrons, and snakes…etc. Let’s […]

Make a Difference on October 31: Say NO to halloween

Jesus through Blazing Holy Fire Church Download ‘Say No To Halloween’ flyer : saynotohalloween In 2013, our church was privileged to have encounters with Jesus face to face. He taught us many things and in this article we share what He taught us about Halloween and what is the Father’s view on it. 11/01/2013: The […]

How brief is the time?

Susan Davis 25 October 2016 IMAGINE THIS: According to statistics 150,000 people die every 24 hours… And Christians are wasting their time with worldly pursuits…stalking other Christian’s Facebook pages for the purpose of persecuting them…arguing with other Christians about rapture date setting…attempting to assassinate others character on Facebook for public consumption. What a waste of […]

Let us all boldly profess the gospel message…

 Gwendolen Rix 11th June, 2016  I thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for His tender mercies as we walked the streets in Jerusalem today announcing the Coming of the King. Today Brother Larry and I ministered to the Muslims who are running the holy sites..the Prophet’s Tomb, Mount of Ascension, and others… These are those who […]