Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

“This is the message for MY children, today. “

Donna McDonald 5 March 2017 Lord do you have a message for the people today? This is the message for MY children, today. This is your LORD, your GOD and ALMIGHTY SAVIOR, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, AMEN AMEN AMEN. AMEN. Children, I Am your LORD and I am speaking to you today. I want you to […]

What could GOD do to SHAKE Their Confidence in a Very Evil World?

Susan Davis 15 February 2017 Okay–here’s my question… What kind of totally strange weather pattern–like snow in deserts or warm weather in cold climates (IN THE SAME WEEK)– or what kind of horrendous violence like hanging little children on crosses to punish their Christian parents– or crazy pestilence like locusts that have decimated Bolivia– or […]

Dear LORD do you have Words for the people today?

Donna McDonald 3 March 2017 Dear LORD do you have Words for the people today? Yes MY daughter I have Words for MY children today. Children, there is danger, there is evil, it is lurking and it is called ISIS. They are attempting to take over the world, one country at a time. They will […]

Blasphemy for worshiping a saint on this day…

Donna McDonald 15 February 2017 The Lord instructed me to post this on February 14, 2014: This is the Lord, your God, and I have given Words to My scribe, Donna, for the edification of My Bride on this February 14, 2014 This is your Lord, Amen Amen Amen, Yahushua Ha Mashiach, Amen   Greetings […]

A Psalm for My Sisters in Christ

Gwendolen Song 10 February 2017 *A Psalm for My Sisters in Christ * A loving, gentle, kind soul. A woman who Jesus has made whole, complete, lacking nothing. Her proverbial wheels are constantly turning as to how she can bring healing to the masses right beneath the roof of her house. Her life is clean […]

The Adversary Attacks; Stand In Faith And Prayer

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on Mar 2, 2017 Attacks of The Adversary Discouragement; The Adversary wants to take your courage to stand up to him by making you feel unworthy of God’s Mercy, Grace, and Love by telling you you’re unworthy and your sins are too bad to be forgiven; he will try […]

Judgement Has Begun

Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on 1 Mar 2017 Judgment has begun in My House. I have told you you shall know them by their fruits. I will now begin revealing what those fruits are. For some of My children, you have done very well. You have been kind and generous, you have been […]