Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

A World Full Of Unclean Lips

Susan Davis 12 January 2017 A WORLD FULL OF UNCLEAN LIPS If you take into consideration the vast creation from bugs to sea creatures to galaxies to microscopic worlds and to understand that GOD has conceived, created and set all this into motion. It is staggering to consider. I do not understand how humans who […]

WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST

Open Letter To Emperor Akihito (WARNING To Nation of Japan from JESUS CHRIST) Seho Song Published on 11 Jan 2017 January 7, 2017 Dear Emperor of the Great Nation of Japan; Your Imperial Majesty, I am sending this correspondence to you in order to deliver a warning from the One True God of the Universe, […]

King Herod versus President Obama

Gwendolen Song 11 January 2017 Day 18: King Herod versus President Obama The past 24 hours have really been challenging! I have been doing intense spiritual warfare over every area of my life! It seems as though the enemy is working overtime to bring a BIG BOOM down on my head, and I am standing […]

Which Look Will Jesus Take In The Rapture?

Donna McDonald 10 January 2017 WHICH LOOK DO YOU THINK JESUS IS GOING TO TAKE IN THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH? WHAT THE BRIDE IS LIKE: Can’t stop thinking about and talking about JESUS. Reading the Bible is a priority of the day. The bride wakes up thinking about HIM and goes to bed thinking […]