Final Calls Before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

The amazing gift of tongues

Susan Davis 5th March, 2016 Today the LORD has put it on my heart to talk about the amazing gift of tongues–a gift given by the HOLY SPIRIT and misunderstood by so many…many in the lukewarm church downplay and even despise and disallow this GOD-GIVEN GIFT…that’s called blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT–or rejecting moves of the […]

I have designed you to hear My Voice

Donna McDonald  3 July 2016 A WORD FROM THE LORD: I have designed you to hear My Voice. I have designed you for My good pleasure and to serve Me and meet My needs. This is adverse to what the world thinks of Me. The world thinks either I am a great grandpa ready to […]

A Story About The Holy Spirit

Donna McDonald 3 July 2016 A STORY ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT: I have been able to take things to a second hand store to sell — things that I have been blessed with by the LORD that might be profitable, even if small, so as to be able to give the proceeds to those in […]

A serious word for all of you …

Donna McDonald 20 June 2016  I received this Word to speak to a conference in the past. It is a serious word for all of you: I read my bible Sunday morning as I like to do first thing when I wake up then I kneeled and I prayed and said to the LORD, you […]

Poor Self Esteem is a Tool of the Enemy!

Gwendolen Rix  Poor Self Esteem is a Tool of the Enemy! A Quick Message from Messenger Gwendolen Rix May 7, 2016 Dear friends, I have had the most amazing day serving the Lord Jesus here in Jerusalem and I want to share a little testimony of what the LORD is doing here. The LORD has […]

The Last Call (Rapture Ready)

Blood Moon in Israel, War Coming to Israel and the Last Call (Rapture Ready) Message from the Lord as given to Dr Patricia Green 7th January 2016 There were 3 blood moons which was observed in the sea of Galilee in November 2015. When Dr Patricia Green saw this video, she heard from God about […]

Dear LORD, do you have Words for my facebook friends?

Donna McDonald 14 October 2016 Dear LORD do you have Words for my facebook friends? Yes, daughter, write this down for the people, MY children, MY bride. Children, this is your LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, AMEN AMEN AMEN, AMEN. Children, come to ME. The time is drawing nearer, it is drawing nigh, for you […]

Spiritual Terrorism on Facebook

Susan Davis 3 October 2016 Spiritual Terrorism on Facebook I wanted to address this because I have noticed this going on quite a lot on Facebook to my friends. I do not believe for one minute that it is a plan of GOD for HIS people to go to other people’s Facebooks for the purpose […]