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The Holy Spirit Is Calling Us Now – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Living in Trust Published on 1 Jul 2017 The Holy Spirit Is Calling Us Now, Rhema Word Given Through Matthew Yeshuva AttackDog Lord’s Kingdom Ministries Message 614 To my Latter Day Rain Saints, I know many of you feel like David when he was in the caves running from Saul, knowing he had […]

Anatomy of a Distraction Leading to Sin

Still Small Voice Published on 29 Jun 2017 So it looks like this, frustration, laziness under the guise of procrastination, dissatisfaction with a vague sense of guilt lurking behind it, and finally looking for a feel good substitute to fill the big hole created by not accomplishing what you set out to do. Then the […]

Just One Soul Message 609

Terri Taplin 30 June 2017 Just One Soul Message 609 P.S. Please read and listen also as I did go off script, as I was led by the Spirit. Well today I got the news, that the tumor is incurable, and they believe they got 90% of it. There is very little swelling and I […]

Gratitude the Key to Answered Prayer

Still Small Voice Published on 25 Jun 2017 Truly my complaints are multiple slaps in the face to God. Rather than complaining about a minor glitch on my phone, I should be thanking God that I can afford a nice phone and get so many things done on it. “Thank you God for providing this […]

I Am With You Message 608 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on 25 Jun 2017 I Am With you Message 608 There is a P.S. Please read the bottom of the transcript. I dreamed I heard the vale rip and saw Jesus look out. The vale was pink, and Jesus popped His head out. My Children, all of you do not be dismayed, […]