From the Heart of Jesus

Choose Now Message 392 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on Jan 11, 2017 Chose Now Message 392 My Children, there is more going on than you see, more going on than you know, and there are many that are following the enemy and do not even see it. They think they are following the light, but they truly are following the […]

Filthy Rags Message 391 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on 10 Jan 2017 Filthy Rags Message 391 A dream I had last week I was trying to wash out a bathtub. I had a baby with me, I believe the baby was a girl. I would scrub the tub clean but the dirt came right back. Last night I dreamed that […]

My Brides Message 390 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on Jan 8, 2017 My Brides Message 390 I have asked the Lord who I am in Him, and have been asking Him where we were in the things to come. The Lord showed me that the first message He had given me to share back in 2000, and my dreams had […]

Seven Churches Message 389 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on Jan 8, 2017 Seven Churches Message 389 I have been seeing Jesus in my dreams, twice before and all night last night. He was not represented by my husband or my dad, it was Him. He has brought me into another level of anointing, and I feel as if He is […]

MY Beauty for Your Ashes & Our Relationship

Still Small Voice / Clare du Bois Published on Dec 30, 2016 Jesus began, “ My people as you draw closer to Me, letting your guard down, truly letting go of everything, every stress, every fear and apprehension, every guilt and failure, as you do these things you and I will become One, more and […]

Don’t Settle Message 386 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on 5 Jan 2017 Don’t Settle Message 386 My Children, I Am here with you all, right now, in ways that have never happened before, in ways that you do not understand. I Am bringing to each and every one of you more, more of everything that is of Me. You need […]