When Nations Turn Against Israel | Derek Prince

Derek Prince With Subtitles 25 Jan 2022 What happens when nations turn against Israel? Derek’s refreshing interpretation of The Parable of the Sheep and the Goat (Matthew 25:31) shines some light on what will happen with the nations that turn against God’s people. This is a clip from the full sermon ‘Pressures, Tests & Challenges’ […]

A Prophetic Call To Dismantle Evil | Tim Sheets

Destiny Image 27 Oct 2023 In this urgent prophetic message, Tim Sheets delves deep into a scripture that resonated with him upon waking, leading him to reflect upon the current events involving Israel and the significant upheavals occurring globally. Drawing parallels from the trial of Jesus and the choice of Barabbas, he discusses the concerning […]

The End Times, the Book of Revelation – Paul Backholer

The End Times, the Book of Revelation by Paul Backholer In this compelling narrative, find the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Book of Revelation in an uncomplicated unveiling of biblical prophecy. The end times will come alive! Get ready to understand the last days, the hope of the rapture and the purpose of […]

Will UFOs Be the Rapture Excuse?

Jan Markell 21 Aug 2023 Pastor Mark Henry and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries, sit down with Pastor Jeff Kinley to discuss how the world may use aliens and UFOs to explain the events of the rapture. This excerpt is taken from the “Understanding the Times” prophecy event held at Revive Church on August […]