The Final Call

The Final Call

On 19 July 2010 I prayed to the Lord. I wrote down my prayer in my journal. I prayed the following: “Father, my biggest desire is to be with You. Lord, what is my creation purpose, Lord why am I here? I so long to be with You Lord!” (The Lord previously mentioned to me that it is like being in the army, you cannot get away from the army, because you need to serve time, but you know your Love awaits you at home). I prayed: “Father, please remember me and think about me and let my life book be continually before Your eyes. I desire so much more from You. You just have to mention ‘Come’ and I will walk on the water with You. For what are You preparing me? It must be something close to Your heart. Are You going to make me free like Hephzibah?”

Nine Days in Heaven – Part 3


Marietta Davis fell into a trance at age twenty-five that lasted nine days. She experienced a vision that made her a legend. When she finally regained consciousness she described with extraordinary graphic detail scenes of how angels had conducted her spirit to heaven and hell. Marietta made it clear that her vision was given for her to tell the world so people could prepare for the afterlife. This book is an attempt to recapture the original story in a new modern English text. Supporting testimonials of the original publisher, family, and others appear close to their original form at the end of the book.

Tithe or Hell, Your Choice – Mike Peralta


Tithe or Hell, Your Choice by Mike Peralta Download Book Here   Judges 17:5-6 (KJV): And the man Micah had an house of gods [idols], and made an ephod, and teraphim, and consecrated one of his sons, who became his priest. in those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right […]

Divine End Time Revelation by Philipa Kuranchie

Divine End Time Revelations Philipa Kuranchie

Divine End Time Revelation by Philipa Kuranchie Download PDF here Following what the LORD has been giving me as Revelations and Messages, I want to relate a series of what the Lord showed me at special times in life as this. I know that it may seem to some people that YAWEH, GOD, is using a child […]

The Rapture Was REAL?! And You Were Left Behind… Now What?


September 1, 2014

The Lord is calling His Bride, or His potential Bride to repentance. She’s not ready for the Rapture. And He is wanting to prepare her. And, as I have shared in a previous teaching, part of the reason the economy in this country is slumping and the Lord is allowing it, is to get His Bride back from the world. To get her mind off of the things of the world and onto Him.

True Maturity


The Lord said the following to me: ‘You are going to write a book about the end-time. It is your creation purpose.’ I then sensed the Lord saying that it was not going to be easy, because people would not take it, except for the remnant. The book would be for the remnant, for His Bride. The book would be about the preparation for the King’s return and for those who did not know, to be warned. ‘This will be a gift for My Bride. It is for those who love Me, for those who are seeking the truth, who called out ‘Lord, tell us more, only the truth Lord’. The book will be about Jesus. Jesus is the key, Jesus must be your focus and Jesus is your destiny.’

The Secret History of The Jesuits

The Secret History of The Jesuits by Edmond Paris Dr. Rivera’s Introduction The most dangerous of men are those who appear very religious, especially when they are organized and in a position of authority. They have the deep respect of the people who are ignorant of their ungodly push for power behind the scenes. These […]

A Divine Revelation of Heaven

A Divine Revelation of Heaven

This book is an account of a number of true experiences I have had with God. It is not the work of an overactive imagination or the pipe dream of someone who hopes for something better than this life has to offer.

Heaven is a reality, and the experiences I describe in this book are told just as they happened to me. I did not see everything there is to see in heaven-it will take eternity to do that. I do not relate everything I saw in heaven; even Paul did not do that. (See 2 Corinthians 12:1-4.) But I am relating all that God has told me to share.

Nine Days in Heaven – Part 1 & 2


Nine Days in Heaven relates the vision of twenty-five-year-old Marietta Davis more than 150 years ago, where she was shown the beauties of heaven and the horrors of hell. Told in modern language, the book contains poignant quotes from the original vision, as well as biblical teaching points and testimonials from individuals whose lives have been impacted with this vision during the past 150 years. Pull-out quotes from the original vision are included, as are short testimonials from readers whose lives have been impacted by this vision. Teaching points and biblical comments appear throughout the chapters.

Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell


Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell by  Emanuel Swedenborg Download Full PDF here Angels with trumpets; and furthermore, as is foretold elsewhere, that the whole visible universe will be destroyed, and afterwards a new heaven with a new earth will come into being. Such is the opinion of most men in the church at the present […]