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Micro robots to clean pipes in the brain…

Israeli company Microbot has developed medical robots for cleaning drainage pipes in the body. United with Israel By: Michael Ordman   Microbot develops miniature robots. The companies first app is for cleaning drainage pipes in the body, for example in the urethra or the brain, thereby removing the necessity for surgery to replace them. The […]

12,000 Year Old Giants Found Asleep In Iran Several of these giants were kept inside glass capsules, in a “deathlike” state (similar to death); But they were not dead. At the time of its disappearance, this civilization possessed technological capacities that far surpass ours. The stasis chambers were a testament to their progress, employing glass technology that supposedly altered the flow of […]

Mesmerizing Video Shows Swimming Feather Star

National Geographic By Alexandra E. Petri PUBLISHED DECEMBER 9, 2016 The marine invertebrate, which is known as a living fossil, was filmed in Thailand. WATCH: ENTRANCING SEA CREATURE GLIDES THROUGH WATER Dec. 9, 2016 – Watch this mesmerizing feather star swim through the ocean. A type of crinoid, feather stars evolved to swim to evade […]

Strange Alien-Looking Skulls Found in Russia…

STRANGE ALIEN-LOOKING SKULLS FOUND IN RUSSIA, RESEARCHERS BAFFLED Two mysterious skulls have been uncovered in a cave in Mount Bolshoi Tjach in Russia by a team of explorers led by the renowned scientist, Vladimir Melikov. These elongated skulls seem to form part of a mystery concerning another peculiar find in this particular region of […]

Temple Carved Out Of A Mountain in India …

THIS TEMPLE WAS CARVED OUT OF A MOUNTAIN. NOBODY KNOWS HOW ‘THE BUILDERS’ MADE IT! In what could be the next wonder of the world, archaeologists have recently unearthed a temple that ancients have carved out of a mountain rock. Located in Elora, Maharashtra, India, the temple is known as The Kailasa Temple. Some […]

Israel scientists discovery can reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

United with Israel 25 July 2016 Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists’ development of TXM peptides can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in diabetics. Latest HUJ research shows that TXM peptides can also protect the brain after mild traumatic brain injury. By: Michael Ordman Read more: