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Mysterious sea monster with fangs washed up on beach baffles experts in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Source: Mysterious sea monster with razor sharp fangs which was washed up on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey has scientists baffled Mirror Dave Burke  14 September 2017 The huge creature was found decaying on a beach in Texas City after the storm cleared. But conservationists have no idea what it is, with some suggesting it […]

Gigantic sea creature washes up on remote Indonesian beach, and no-one knows what it is…

Gigantic sea creature washes up on remote Indonesian beach and no-one knows what it is A mysterious creature has washed up on the shore of a remote Indonesian beach. Locals believe it has been dead for at least three days, but so far no-one has been able to identify it. The creature was initially […]

Historic discovery: Archaeologists find the 12th Dead Sea Scrolls cave!

VARBAGE Published on Feb 8, 2017 According to reports, archaeologists have made a historic discovery as they have found the 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave, once home to the ancient religious markings. Until now, experts believed there were only 11 Dead Sea Scrolls. Source:… The world of archaeology is set to amaze us everytime […]

These Ancient Trees Have Stories to Tell…

Proof Author :Becky Harlan March 24, 2016 Over three trillion trees live on planet Earth, and yet we know so few of their stories. Of course all trees play an important role—purifying the air, hosting the feathered and the furry, teaching kids (and kids at heart) how to climb—but some have spent more time doing […]