Discoveries and the Paranormal

‘Vegetarian Piranhas’ With Human-Like Teeth found in Michigan Lakes

A South American fish with uncannily human-like chompers has been unexpectedly showing up on Michigan anglers’ hooks. The fish are red-bellied pacus (Piaractus brachypomus) and are piranha relatives, though their diet is mostly vegetarian. Pacus are popular with aquarium owners for their unusual square teeth that look remarkably human —rather disturbingly so, in fact. But […]

13 Bizarre Discoveries In Alaska…

Talltanic Published on 12 Jun 2016 Alaska still holds many archaeological wonders like the petroglyph beach and the discovery of strange fossils of an ancient sea animal.   # 8 New Butterfly Species In March 2016, a scientist accidentally discovered a new undocumented species of butterfly native to Alaska. Andrew Warren, a butterfly expert, was […]

Underground kingdom discovered deep within cave in Vietnam

Deep within Vietnam’s forests there’s a cave – it’s an underground kingdom no one’s ever heard of|By Patricia Lynn 13 September 2016 To understand the photos you’re about to see, you first need to hear this story.… Back in 1991, a farmer was wandering around an unexplored cave located in the Phon Nha-ke Bag […]

20 New Animals You Won’t Believe Exist…

Believe That Published on 15 July 2016 You’ve probably never seen these animals in person like the strange looking Purple Frog or the cute and spiky Lowland Streaked Tenrec! 10 – Pinocchio has relatives… Albeit from the frog family! This is the Pinocchio frog – a recent discovery found in the Foja Mountains in Indonesia. […]