Discoveries and the Paranormal

Queen of England Admits She is “Not Human”…

MLordandGod Published on 14 July 2016 Queen of England Admits She is “Not Human” and We Will “Learn to Accept Her For What She Is” Links: 1)… 2) Thumbnail image – Queen Elizabeth II of England… 3) Music – Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance”…

Meet Mr Jake – half-man, half-alligator hybrid…

Cryptozoology is the science of animals whose existence has not been proven yet, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra. There has been some new evidence of another mythical animal that has surfaced, who goes by the name Mr. Jake. This is Mr. Jake, a half-man, half-alligator hybrid.  He was reportedly found in a Florida swamp. But […]

Shocking Evidence – Lost City of Nephilim Giants Found?

Astronomia Nova Published on 6 Apr 2016 Late last year, there was a discovery of biblically profound significance, and it should be pointed out that this shocking news may very well be the Nephilim of the Bible! Archaeologists believe they may have found a lost city of giants in Ecuador’s Amazonian Jungle. Large boulders forming […]

Roman ‘Curse Tablets’ Discovered in Serbia

Roman ‘Curse Tablets’ Made of Gold Discovered in Viminacium, Serbia by VLADIMIR BANIC BELGRADE, Serbia — So-called “curse tablets” made of gold and silver have been discovered in Roman tombs, archaeologists said. The finds were made at the Viminacium archaeological site in eastern Serbia, the location of the former capital of the Roman province of […]

Devil Frog Vomits Up a New Ant Species By Jason Bittel PUBLISHED September 23, 2016 Devil Frog Vomits Up a New Ant Species Sometimes scientists make discoveries in the strangest of places. Like the belly of a poison frog. The newfound ant, which is less than a quarter of an inch long, may use its mouthparts to capture prey. Finding new species […]

Temporary tattoo that can control your smartphone

This temporary tattoo can control your smartphone  Scientists at the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have designed metallic body art that can control and communicate with electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops… DuoSkin temporary tattoos, which can be made at home and wash off in a day, use the electrodes present in inexpensive gold leaf […]

TIME TRAVELLERS Changing History & Reality…

WhiteTimeHealing Published on 21 Jun 2013 Time-Travelers Al Bielek and Larry James – Remembering and Knowing Interviewed by Michael Houtzager on the 5th of October 2000 – Though you may find more information about these subjects on , we may Not agree with all the statements given in these interviews! Al Bielek is The […]

Ancient Synagogue Confirms New Testament Accounts

Ancient Rural Synagogue Discovered in Galilee Confirms New Testament Accounts While seven other synagogues have been discovered from what is called the Second Temple period (which ended in AD 79) in Israel, this newest discovery is unique because of its rural setting. In the lower Galilee region of Israel, an archaeological team from Kinneret College has […]