Electronic Warfare

Is 5G Cellular Technology Harmful to Our Health?

EMF Scientist Appeal Advisors Call for Moratorium on Policies for 5G “Small Cell” Antennas Environmental Health Trust 14 June 2017  Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, June 13, 2017 The advisors to the International EMF Scientist Appeal submitted a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in opposition to a proposed change in FCC rules that would allow […]

Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds

After 2 Ripon Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds Source: After 2 Ripon Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds | FOX40 RIPON — In a colorful protest, about two dozen Weston Elementary school kids in Ripon skipped class on Wednesday and demanded […]

Dr. Magda Havas: The Truth About Wired and Wireless Technologies

Ictv Victoria Uploaded on Jun 16, 2011 Dr. Havas is an associate professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. Her research deals with the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy at the extremely low frequency range associated with electricity (60 […]

Microwave radiation dangers in your home

Magda Havas Uploaded on Oct 19, 2010  Magda Havas demonstrates how WiFi connects your laptop, iPhone and iPad to the internet via microwave radiation. You will also learn how WiFi base stations, portable phones and baby monitors constantly radiate microwave radiation. The Swiss Government feels that all of these devices have the potential to do […]

Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Higher Radiation Levels Than Claimed

Phonegate: French Government Data Indicates Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim   9 out of 10 phones tested exceed regulatory limits (Washington, DC) Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested the way they are […]

Dirt Cheap DIY EMF Protection for Your Cell Phone!

Fresh And Alive Uploaded on Sep 7, 2011 Fresh and Alive president Ken Rohla shows a dirt cheap way to protect yourself from your cell phone’s microwave radiation. Don’t waste money on Faraday screen bags and other devices that block your cell phone signal. Ken also discusses how EMF protectors actually work, and dispels common […]