Electronic Warfare

Wi-Fi & Microwave Dangers – Barrie Trower

ZeroFortyFive Published on Aug 17, 2013 www.openmindconference.com Barrie Trower is a British physicist and former microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service. During the 1960’s, he was trained at the “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment”. Barrie talks about the dangers of our wireless society and explains the technology behind it – […]


martinacable99 This post is about: Part I: Psychotronics – what it is and how it works. Part II: Psychotronics used for torture. Part III: Advanced technologies associated with psychotronics. PART I: Psychotronics is a complicated subject, and not everyone agrees what it is about.  I would describe it as ‘manipulating brain activity to achieve physiological […]

Cellular towers in residential areas

Cellular towers in residential areas By prachi |Published December 11, 2014 Source: Image of Cellular towers in residential areas – My India There has been a huge controversy going on regarding cellular towers erected near residential areas, schools and hospitals. There is nothing against mobile companies and we should appreciate the development in this sector. […]

Bees, Butterflies & Wildlife: Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment

Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife: Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment Environmental Health Trust Link :  https://ehtrust.org/science/bees-butterflies-wildlife-research-electromagnetic-fields-environment/ Electromagnetic fields from powerlines, cell phones, cell towers and wireless impacts the birds, bees, wildlife and our environment. Below is just a small example of the critical research that has been done on this issue. “The electromagnetic radiation […]

A pastor’s letter re: Cell phone Towers…

  Environmental Health Trust 23 May 2017 A pastor’s letter encouraging church leaders et al not to be bought off by the Telecom industry. Accepting the money would mean we betray the very community we are called to love and serve.’ Enlightening our Community 3rd February 2017 To whom it may concern Re: Cell phone […]