Electronic Warfare

Gangstalking Electronic Harassment and Targeted Individuals

Hopegirl Youtube Published on Mar 16, 2016 http://www.hopegirlblog.com/gangstalk… In this show we cover some of the darker advanced technologies that are being used on our environment and the human population without our awareness or consent. We also present some important ways that people can protect themselves. Once again, the disclosure information in this show has […]

MK Ultra: Lightbulbs and Mattresses are 1890s spy tech!

MK Ultra: Lightbulbs and Mattresses are 1890s spy tech! Gangstalking EMF DEW Targeted Individuals Published on Mar 26, 2016 pic version: http://imgur.com/0PkUGwS Mattresses repeat the power line waves: http://reddit.com/r/gangstalkingmkult… I was an activist for 8 years, after I made some chemtrail flyers 4 days later a satellite started following me around the globe, even in […]

Gangstalking IS Demonic Harassment p1

Gangstalking IS Demonic Harassment p1: The Power AND Authority/TAKING IT BACK By FORCE! unplugem Published on Aug 24, 2016 (the battle that has begun is already won…but this is the first ONE of more instruction sure to come about this subject…we’re not done). There are many who are troubled by this, and we pray for […]