End Time Sermons

End Time Sermons

“Lucifer’s Telescope” – Bob Trefz

Adam 1984 Published on Aug 1, 2016 Satan is now preparing for his appearance, with the groundwork laid by the Jesuits holding him up as the alien savior of humanity. A powerful look into what is coming–first of all, from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, then from the Jesuit astronomers involved in VATT and […]

Sifted – Darrell Turner

Sifted by Darrell Turner Powerful, anointed message from the man of God. I ask God to sift me in a fine colander to get anything he is not pleased with in my life. Folks, many people think they are living a life above rebuke, I beg you, do not have that mentality. Their was only […]

End Time warfare every Christian must watch 5

End Time warfare every Christian must watch

End Time warfare every Christian must watch 5 Preview of every christian must watch 5 preview and full sermon link FULL SERMONS LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toCYy… God bless you brothers and sisters end time sermon end time warmning spiritual warfare every christian must watch david platt

The Pit of Hell

The Pit of Hell By Pastor Charles Lawson What Lies Beyond the Grave Will Be an Awful Surprise For So Many — And There’s No Reason That Is Should Be So, For Christ Jesus Has Already Taken Our Hell Upon Himself. Scripture: Revelation 9:1-6

Walk by Faith not by Sight and Martial law…

Stop limiting God, Healing, Unbelief, Walk by Faith not by Sight and Martial law – Elvi Zapata Jesus#1 Ministry Published on Oct 12, 2016 We should be repenting and seeking the Lord daily. We should surrender all to Jesus because he is coming very soon. This is from the Lord’s Hour on October 4, 2016. […]