End Time Sermons

End Time Sermons

Demon Gangs by Derek Prince 5/5

Demon Gangs

Demon Gangs by Derek Prince 5/5 Derek Prince teaches on “Demon Gangs” or the grouping of demons that effect a person’s life and thoughts.  Once one understands the groupings, then they can get rid of the rest of the “gang” that is causing trouble.

Prayer, Break Strongholds with Pastor Idemudia Guobadia

27 Prayer & Fasting Plan Published on 20 Apr 2016 Courtesy of Tex Bruno – Excerpts from ESCAPE FROM THE SEA LODGE–THE STORY OF THE SON OF A FORMER AMBASSADOR IN THE OCCULT SOCIETY Idemudia Guobadia’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/victory4… Tex Bruno [Full Interview]: https://youtu.be/zxQ8bMmsEm4 Idemudia Guobadia, a New York Attorney, the son of Nigeria’s former Ambassador […]