End Time Sermons

End Time Sermons

HELL FIRE: The Most Powerful Sermon Ever!!!

HELL FIRE: The Most Powerful Sermon Ever!!! By Charles Lawson Are you sure you’re going to heaven when you die? Or are you willing to chance your eternal soul and possibly end up in hell fire?? Why not make sure of the matter today, while there is still time? The good news is: You can […]

Why The World Hates Christians – David Wilkerson

WHY THE WORLD HATES CHRISTIANS END TIMES SERMON by DAVID WILKERSON Published on 22 Sep 2015 Powerful sermon by brother David Wilkerson – Why the world hates Christians. Best end time sermon on Christian persecution and What God’s Word and Jesus have to say to the Child of God about it. End Time Sermons is dedicated to […]

Elvi Zapata’s Visit With Jesus: Alien Planets and More

Elvi Zapata’s testimony of how Jesus took him in spirit and showed him an alien planet where aliens take abducted victims. Jesus also showed Elvi that these alien creatures, the principalities and power spoken of in Ephesians 6:12, are planning to make their appearance during the Tribulation. Until then, they are more or less being […]

The Shocking Youth Message

The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer) Shared by LaneCh Uploaded on 24 June 2008 This is the youth message Paul Washer preached in 2002 at a conference. The audience was in shock then and many audiences continue to be shocked by it today. http://www.heartcrymissionary.com

Overcome satan

Overcome satan By Conlon Carter Carter Conlon end time sermon, light in the darkness, in these last days we must be founded on Faith in Christ to overcome darkness.