End Time World Events

World events of interest in the End Times

End Times: Pestilence

pestilence in the end times

End Times: Pestilence END TIMES: PESTILENCE: The pestilence is rising up all over the world. The Bible speaks of it in multiple locations. Today there are cases of increased pestilence even as animals are dying in mass (SEE END TIMES: MASS ANIMAL DEATHS)…We are witnessing everything from Bed Bugs increasing to snake infestations to Ebola… […]

Mexico: Tliapa and Tlacuapa rivers disappear into sinkholes

End Times: Sinkholes 20 May 2016 http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/…/tliapa-and-tlacuapa-riv…/ Tliapa and Tlacuapa rivers disappear into sinkholes, Mexico After Atoyac River that disappeared when a huge sinkhole opened up on February 28, 2016, two more rivers in the mountains of the Mexican state of Veracruz are suffering the same fate. This brings the number of rivers in the region […]

Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill

Exposing the darkness 6 July 2016 This teaching is for those looking for truth about the Catholic church. Please do not attend Christian churches – or events (such as “TOGETHER” in Washington DC… Catholicism: The Church on Haunted Hill – Bill Schnoebelen Bill and Mary Schnoebelen’s ministry is called With One Accord Ministries. It is […]

Russia Prepares for Nuclear War and Warns of New World Order

Israeli News Live Published on Oct 14, 2016 Russians are warning that The US Obama administration push in the Middle East is clearly a New World Order Agenda. Something Putin has vowed to fight against. Now Russian Television is warning their citizens of possible Nuclear conflict with the West. Russian leaders are hoping the Trump will […]

After School Satan Clubs in elementary schools

Susan Davis 3 August 2016 https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/63f485e6-5427-11e6-88eb-7d… An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school The Satanic Temple plans to open After School Satan Clubs in public elementary schools as a counterpoint to evangelical Christian groups. WASHINGTONPOST.COM