Mandela Effect

Reports about the Mandela Effect

Why the Bible is being changed by the Mandela Effect Basically, they want to change the Bible so it fits the NWO / Luciferian/ New Age Religion and people are ready to accept the New Age Religion without having to stop believing their Bibles AND the people even get deceived into the thinking, that their Bibles even support the New Age Religion! In order […]

Mandela Effect – Proof Of Time Travel?

Proof of time travel

Proof Of Time Travel? Famous Faces Appear ‘Back In History’ Posted on July 29, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry in Conspiracies To us they are unmistakable – famous faces who would be recognized almost anywhere in the world. So perhaps that is why they chose to travel back in time to a world without TV, internet, paparazzi – for complete anonymity. […]

Why Christians Hate the Mandela Effect

Why Christians Hate the Mandela Effect

Why Christians Hate the Mandela Effect / Quantum Reality photohelix Published on 11 August 2016 I’m not the greatest at picking titles but I think this fits. Anyway some serious truth for believers and non-believers alike. I will try and link a few vids to other youtubers here that you may find helpful or enjoyable. […]

What is the Mandela Effect?

Industry On Blast 9 August 2016 The ‪#‎MandelaEffect‬ is a time shift in or universe where history changes & millions of people remember a story that changed!  For many‪#‎NelsonMandela‬ died in the 1980’s but he actually died in 2013!! ?. Look it up!! Scary

New World Order Plot to Rewrite the Bible

Drakeybaby Published on 13 Mar 2014 New World Order(illuminati/Jesuits) sought to water down the Bible gradually by changing key scripture to eventually alter the core meanings/doctrines to make the Bible compatible with their New World Religion(New Age/Luciferianism). In order to have complete control of the world they must create a religion that is inclusive to […]

Scientist Blows the Whistle on the Mandela Effect

Divine Pollination Published on 7 Sep 2016 A scientist claiming to work for the organization responsible for the Mandela Effect answers questions on the anonymous forum 4chan. Is the scientist credible? Is there any truth to what they are saying? Check out my presentation and analysis of the conversation, and the content of their disclosure. […]