Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni

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One usually thinks of misfortune as an act of fate and that we can do nothing to alter the events of our lives. To an extent this is true. In the case of a child of God, his life is planned1 (Proverbs 16: 9). Whether that plan is fulfilled or not depends on a number of factors, the individual’s closeness to God, his view about the ultimate purpose of life, and the socio-spiritual environment he finds himself.

The course of your life is challenged by some external factors. The crisis is reached when you give over your WILL one way or the other, for good or evil. You can love or hate. You can wish to understand or misunderstand. The will to obey is the greatest force of a new born Christian, while the will to disobey is the most destroying force of the sinner.

Transform to Glorified Body in 3 Days of Darkness Before Rapture

Brother Kelvin Mireku shares God’s message about the transformation to glorified body during the 3 days of darkness. He said there would be 3 days of darkness after asteroid hit. Some brides of Jesus transform to glorified bodies at that time already. But majority brides of Jesus will transform at the time of Rapture. So it is time to prepare for His coming. Repent frequently! Pray as much you can! Worship the Lord in every day! Pursue the holiness and righteousness. Love Jesus with all your heart! Time is running out!

Baptize by Blazing Fire – Book 1 by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim

Baptized by blazing fire by Yong Doo Kim

From Jesus to Pastor Kim:
“From now on, whatever experiences you and your congregation members see, you must document precisely what you see and hear. Through this, I desire all the churches in Korea and all over the world to wake up. This is the reason you were brought into this world… At this present time the Korean churches and the congregation’s interior and exterior faithful livelihood is in conflict with what I intended for them, The pastoral leaders and church members worship Me in formality and know Me merely in a written theory.”
Pastor Kim:
Our congregation believes in the power of speaking in tongues, so we were able to pray…

God Creates Storm of Biblical Proportions to Protect Christian Converts

Charisma News 10/3/2016 JESSILYN JUSTICE God created a massive dust storm to deliver Islamic converts from the militants who hunted them, according to a recent report. Bibles For Mideast claims the organization had just finished a mass baptism for 50 newly saved Christians when militants surrounded their bus and fired shots. “About 50 people including […]

Fukushima “No More Seafood For You” (Must See)

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New World Order Plot to Rewrite the Bible

Drakeybaby Published on 13 Mar 2014 New World Order(illuminati/Jesuits) sought to water down the Bible gradually by changing key scripture to eventually alter the core meanings/doctrines to make the Bible compatible with their New World Religion(New Age/Luciferianism). In order to have complete control of the world they must create a religion that is inclusive to […]

Paris Terror Attack – Illuminati FALSE FLAG Conspiracy!

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The Attack on the Bible

Dial The Truth Ministries by Terry Watkins “God is NOT the author of CONFUSION.” BUT SATAN IS! He knows, if he can plant the smallest seed of doubt and confusion – that individual will not take God’s word serious! Source : God has placed a lot of importance upon His words. Matthew 24:35 reads, “Heaven […]

Finland Too Now Warns People to Stockpile Food and Water!!

 Now Finland Too! Local Councils Warning Citizens “Stockpile Food and Water – Prepare” as US Tanks Go on the Move! Before It’s News Monday, August 29, 2016 First it was Germany, last Saturday (20 Aug) which began warning its citizens to “stockpile 10 days worth of food & water.” One day later, the Czech Republic warned its […]