The Courts of Heaven Session 5 by Robert Henderson

Courts of Heaven

 The Courts of Heaven Session 5 by Robert Henderson Robert Henderson has been at the forefront of the apostolic reformation. He has co-led the United States Alliance for Reformation and Freedom Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets. He is a member of the Eagles Vision Apostolic Team and Zion Apostolic Council under Dr. Peter Wagner. Robert […]

Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment

ATTN: WORLD: Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment by Prophet Efrain Rodriguez Prophet Efraín Rodríguez announced in his last presentation in Texas, on June 6th and 7th, 2014, that this trial would take place WITHIN a period of 7 months. He did not mean “in” 7 months exactly. The key phrase is “within a period”. This means […]

The Alien Races Book – Over 82 Species On Earth!

What They Don’t Want You To Know Published on 25 Jul 2016 Aliens have been living on planet Earth before the Human race was born. – according to Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defense Minister. There are 82 alien races living on Earth, which include the aliens caught on tape, and the ones listed in the […]