Is Pope About to Make ET Disclosure ?

Is Pope About to Make ET Disclosure at World Religion Unification Conference? Lyn Leahz Published on 26 Aug 2016 I have long thought that this Pope might be suffering from early onset dementia as he recently said he would baptize extraterrestrials as they would visit the Earth. This is the same Pope who has stated […]

Woman has MICROCHIPS implanted in both hands…

Rise of the superhumans: Woman has MICROCHIPS implanted in both hands In a glimpse of what the future may hold, tiny microchips are being implanted in humans so they can unlock doors and get into their computers without using keys or passwords. Sydney woman Shanti Korporaal has had two implants inserted in her hands which […]

The Courts of Heaven Session 4 by Robert Henderson

Courts of Heaven

The Courts of Heaven Session 4 by Robert Henderson Published on 27 Nov 2013 Robert Henderson has been at the forefront of the apostolic reformation. He has co-led the United States Alliance for Reformation and Freedom Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets. He is a member of the Eagles Vision Apostolic Team and Zion Apostolic Council […]

Paradise the Holy City and the Glory of the Throne

For many months past I have had frequent visits from a very peculiar visitor. Although his visits have been surprises to me, yet they have been most welcome indeed.

At first I was startled and greatly surprised when a man with silken beard and flowing garments came into my study entirely uninvited and without apology.

At first his visits were brief, then longer. If I went for an evening’s walk in the fields or woods, he would frequently drop into my company, and seemed delighted to walk with me. I soon found he could speak different languages with perfect ease and that his nationality was different from my own.

33 missing after China landslides: Xinhua

Susan Davis shared a link. 33 missing after China landslides: Xinhua At least 33 people are missing a day after landslides swept through two east China villages, state media reported Thursday, as rescuers combed through rubble for survivors. Heavy wind and rains brought by Typhoon Megi triggered the landslides around 5:30pm (0930 GMT) Wednesday, which […]

Marriage Supper Of The Lamb by Susan Davis

Marriage Supper Of The Lamb by Susan Davis

Humility, Forgiveness, Live in The World, But Do Not Be “Of the World”, Rapture and Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Prepare For The Rapture, Lust For The World, Leaders Do Not Follow ME, Make Preparations, Stop Fighting With Each Other, I Will Not Take You If You Have Unrepentant Sin, Your Eternity Is In The Balance, Very Few Worship ME And Repent To ME, I Want First Place Or No Place, There Is Great Tribulation Coming, Many Who Think Themselves Ready Are Fooling Themselves, You Have Precious Little Time Remaining.

God’s Judgment, Rapture and Great Tribulation! Time to Repent!


Brother Larry Demers has had visions of end times. This was taken from the Lord’s Hour which was recorded 2-3 years ago. He said the California earthquake first, then there will be a war in Israel and USA will become bankrupted. Then he said there will be great tsunami hits the east coast of USA. Millions people will die. Brother Larry insists to repent our sins and to be ready for the rapture.