In Love with the Whirlwind

In Love with the Whirlwind - Susan Davis

People often wonder if they are willing to step out and be called Christians in front of a world that persecutes and hates Christians, but the fact remains: none of us are even worthy of being called followers of Christ in the first place.

“Dilatasti cor meum”

“Thou hast dilated my heart”

This book was written for the Glory of God—God is good—no one or anything apart from God is good. Think of life apart from God for eternity—never ending eternity—that is what we can call eternal hell. This may sound like a lot of “religious speak” to you—but perhaps this will hit home with you in a more direct way—Life apart from God forever will be life eternally without…

A Divine Revelation of Angels


One night, I was praying diligently in the Holy Spirit for God to deliver people from drugs. From midnight until 6:00 A.M., I interceded with God because I was determined not to rest until I received an answer from Him. Early the next morning, God sent an angel to give me a vision.
As I was caught up in the Spirit, I saw beams of light shoot like arrows from my home straight into heaven. Then I saw the gates of heaven open up, and I saw an army of huge horses. The backs of the horses were approximately four feet wide, and their hooves were about a foot wide.

Iran: We have warehouses full of missiles that can strike Tel Aviv

United With Israel 6 October 2016 Mohsen Rafighdoost — a former minister of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — reportedly told a Tehran political gathering, “We have warehouses full [of missiles] in Tehran, Zanjan and Oshnavieh that can strike Tel Aviv.” By: Barney Breen-Portnoy/The Algemeiner If Israel ever were to bomb Iran, the Islamic Republic […]

20 New Animals You Won’t Believe Exist…

Believe That Published on 15 July 2016 You’ve probably never seen these animals in person like the strange looking Purple Frog or the cute and spiky Lowland Streaked Tenrec! 10 – Pinocchio has relatives… Albeit from the frog family! This is the Pinocchio frog – a recent discovery found in the Foja Mountains in Indonesia. […]

The Devil & Dark Technologies – Russ Dizdar

Dark Technologies

If there are Doctrines of Demons can there also be… Technologies of the Devil? 1. The Dark side communicates..Voice to Skull…unaided minds and disinformation – What the Intel agencies should know about spying and inception “the real black ops”. 2. Who the Darkside seeks to communicate to: “Known targets” – Examples of the Nazi Doctors, The Hall […]