Demon Attacks, Demon Possessed Pastor and Rapture Preparation

Brother Elvi Zapata saw a vision of demon attacking a family who was in the public park. He had another vision that a mega church pastor was left behind with many of his congregation. He was in fact demon possessed. Brother Elvi Zapata asked us to prepare for the rapture. We have to humble down to Jesus everyday. We have to repent our sins to God daily basis. We have to surrender all to Jesus and love Him with all our hearts. I pray more people will get ready for the coming Messiah!

There is No More Time Left! – Elvi Zapata

Recently, Elvi Zapata was taken to heaven. He was in the Throne Room of God. According to Elvi Zapata, Father God talked to him that “There is no more time left”. Brother Elvi heard the conversation between the Father God and Jesus. There is only one spirit second left at this time. Jesus is coming back very very very soon! This is the Lord’s Hour blogtalkradio on 9/14/2014.

NASA Admits To Spraying Lithium & Airborne Chemicals In The Sky

@NeonNettle By: Paul Roughsedge 17th June 2016 There has been an official explanation to why NASA has been spraying chemicals over the skies in the U.S, one of which is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat people with manic depression. Lithium and other Airborne chemicals have been intentionally placed into our environment, the but real reasons […]


Exposing Satanic World Government Published on Sep 24, 2016 YouTube IMPLEMENTS NEW CENSORSHIP PROGRAM Credit to DUTCHINSE ATTENTION ALL Channel Hosts who produce videos or Livestream!!   YouTube Heros Program:………  

Monster! Super Typhoon Meranti lands on mainland China

Monster! The strongest storm in the world this year Super Typhoon Meranti has landed on mainland China as Typhoon Malakas takes aim The Big Wobble 15 September 2016 Super Typhoon Meranti  is the third strongest storm on record With wind speeds of 350km/h Taiwan suffered it’s strongest storm for 150 years Xinhua news agency said […]