Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment

ATTN: WORLD: Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment by Prophet Efrain Rodriguez Prophet Efraín Rodríguez announced in his last presentation in Texas, on June 6th and 7th, 2014, that this trial would take place WITHIN a period of 7 months. He did not mean “in” 7 months exactly. The key phrase is “within a period”. This means […]

Underwater Alien City In Tasmania

Mike Jasper Published on 31 Dec 2012 Would you look at that, and its right under their noses! This is a populated area, and it doesn’t appear these people have a clue whats under their lake!!! Don’t you love digital photography?!!

Israeli Tanks And Bulldozers Cross Into Syria

Steven Ben-Nun Published on 13 July 2016 Breaking News Israeli Tanks with Bulldozers cross into Syria seemingly not hindered, but Russia TV 24 calls the action and Invasion Into Syria. What will come next? Israel knows it needs to prepare as Iran and Hezbollah prepare a war for Israel, and Lebanon is to purchase Russian […]