Mandela Effect: HATE and LOVE – Bible Changed

EXTOL YESHUA ALWAYS Published on 19 Oct 2016 Revelation 19:13 tells us that the NAME of JESUS CHRIST is the WORD OF GOD. He is eternal, unchanging and all powerful and His WORDS never fail, they are settled in heaven. What we are seeing is an assault against the printed and audible Bible and more. […]

USA Says Russia Must Stop Bombing In Syria Or Else…

Paul Begley Published on 29 Sep 2016 Sec. Of State John F. Kerry says Russia must “Back Off” on bombing Aleppo or peace talks are off also Help Us Spread the Word… also… also        

Hurricane Jimena Face Found! (2015 Hawaii)

Conspiracy Theories Published on 1 Sep 2015 Hurricane Jimena FACE! Hurricane Jimena 2015 is a very large hurricane (about 700 miles across!) I say “Santiago” code word for Jimena. Jimena approaching Hawaii on Sep.1, 2015. A sudden spike in cloud seeding aka chemtrails and HAARP activity has been noticed in Hawaii shortly before and during […]