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Imminent Asteroid Impact

AsteroidProphecy Published on 11 Sep 2016 For a long time, The Lord has been confirming this judgment, as well as His soon Return, to countless servants, watchmen, children, people of all ages, even to non-believers, and of many nationalities. Many of them had already received revelations, dreams and visions BEFORE Efraín Rodríguez started to speak […]

The Unmasking of the Reptilians

Gwendolen Rix Published on 1 August 2016 The Unmasking of the Reptilians A Real Life “Tail” of the so-called “Hidden Ones” By Messenger Gwendolen Rix July 18, 2016 One by one they will be revealed. First the royals whom you are observing now, followed by the New World Order leaders. One by one they will […]