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He is coming SO SOON!!

Message from Israel Wendy shared by Laura Marconi 23 August 2016 WOW and I recently had a night vision of Jesus in the sky!! He’s coming SO SOON! !! The following message was sent to me unanimously. *THE END IS NEAR!! GET PREPARED!! “`I WAS IN A DREAM LAST NIGHT, I SAW THE CONDITION OF […]

Vision of the Rapture of the Church…

VISION OF THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH BUT BEFORE IT A PRE TRIBULATION IN ALL THE WORLD PROPHETIC DREAMS & REVELATIONS 2016 Published on 2 Oct 2016 Our sister in Christ owner of the YouTube channel NILSON PORCELLI shared this amazing vision about the Rapture of the church but before it a great tribulation in […]


Lana Vawser 18 October 2016 I HAD A VISION WHERE I SAW A DIVINE “RESET” AND THE LORD RELEASE AN INVITATION TO “LIFT UP YOUR EYES” COMING INTO THE US ELECTION TIME!! I had a vision recently where I saw the hand of the Lord come down upon the nation of America and upon […]

There Shall be No Delay …

Jeffrey Missimer 16 AUGUST 2016 THERE SHALL BE NO DELAY: The LORD told me something, some time ago, but HE did not tell me to reveal it; I just wrote it down in my notebook. On the 13 AUGUST 2016 The LORD reminded me of what HE had told me and HE even repeated it, […]

I see Mass Hysteria coming upon the earth…

Kevin Mirasi 10 September 2016 I see Mass Hysteria coming upon the earth.  I see it starting small, but then gets widespread; and then I hear the word: “Mass Hysteria”. I see one person attacked by the hysteria, other people run to him to try to help him, but then even them they get entangled […]