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Praise Jesus King and Savior Published on Mar 4, 2017 Prophesy daughter of Zion, prophesy to My holy, sanctified people. Proclaim the Day of the Lord is at hand! Prophesy to these dry and weary bones that they shall live! Speak into every heart the words of the One True King, arise dead bones and […]

Voice heard by my 10 year old son, Matthew…

Whitney Eslick Manuel‎ to End Times Prophecy Blog and Website 28 January 2017 My 10 year old son, Matthew, loves the Lord and is very dedicated to Him. Last night (1/27/17), while at a church sleepover, Matthew and other boys had just laid down for the night, when Matthew heard a voice. Matthew described it as an […]

A Vision and a Dream by Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald 4 February 2017 A vision and a dream… This past week I was awakened in the morning by a vision. I saw myself and I had just pumped gas at a neighborhood gas station. When I was reaching for the gas cap I heard a loud explosion. The gas station had just blown […]

Dream and Word of the LORD received by Susan Davis

Susan Davis 1 February 2017 Last night the LORD gave me a disturbing dream–I was in a building that was like a church of sorts. Then I saw all around me these small snakes and they were intertwined with each other like the place was literally infiltrated with these snakes. So during my prayer time, […]


Maurice Sklar 23 January 2017 The GLORY OF GOD JUST FILLED MY OFFICE…Wow! Angels are descending…into the entire earth!  My oh my! The time of breakthrough has come…the Great awakening is upon us! I seem to be able to see in the Spirit realm right now so sharply…a special “seeing”anointing? I SEE BILLIONS OF ANGELS […]