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Lana Vawser 26 May 2017 ANGELS OF BLESSING AND THE MONTH OF JUNE “THE MONTH YOU WILL FEEL LIKE PINCHING YOURSELF!!! JUNE THE MONTH OF THE DIVINE BLOOM” People of God, hold on, hold on, hold on for the Lord has dispatched angels of blessing to go before you and to bring recompense, restoration and […]

Things are not what they seem…

Lana Vawser 8 May 2017 Things are not what they seem. There is a whirlwind that’s being created by the spirit of witchcraft to hinder your vision, stall your steps, and abort the birthing and keep you caged in torment. It’s not going to happen! God is blowing away the smokescreen, revealing truth and you […]

Most of Gods Creation will be Saved! – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin Published on 16 May 2017 This is from the Rapture Kitty… The Lord did say in a message the other day He gave through me too last week I think it was called I’ll be there, that there are a lot of people that most think are in hell but are not […]

Dream of CHRIST on the Cross – Pauline Dillard

Susan Davis 4 April 2017 Dream of CHRIST on the Cross: Pauline Dillard I, (Susan) decided to take the book MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB to my friend Pauline Dillard. She told me of her experience with CHRIST. Earlier that day when I was doing my Bible reading, I had read about the two thieves […]

ROYAL FLUSH!!! – Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser 17 March 2017 ROYAL FLUSH!!! This morning I heard the words “ROYAL FLUSH” and the sense of triumph and victory surrounded me. I felt the Lord saying that the enemy has overplayed his hand. The enemy has been assaulting many with a level of opposition and force that they have not experienced before, […]