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I have visions of JESUS.

Donna McDonald 6 March 2017 I have visions of JESUS. HE is glorious and I am humbled, HE is SO BEAUTIFUL. HE speaks to me throughout the day. I want to share when HE appeared in a dream to me….The LORD APPEARED TO ME IN A DREAM. I saw His face clearly, He was solemn […]

There Is a Battle Happening In The Spirit Right Now…

Lana Vawser 14 February 2017 PROPHETS OF HIS HEART – THERE IS A BATTLE HAPPENING IN THE SPIRIT RIGHT NOW LIKE THE BATTLE OF MOUNT CARMEL ATTEMPTING TO SILENCE YOU! IT’S A ‘SPIRITUAL SHOWDOWN’ The Lord has been highlighting the story in 1 Kings 18:16-45, the story of Elijah and the battle of Mount Carmel […]