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Maurice Sklar 23 January 2017 The GLORY OF GOD JUST FILLED MY OFFICE…Wow! Angels are descending…into the entire earth!  My oh my! The time of breakthrough has come…the Great awakening is upon us! I seem to be able to see in the Spirit realm right now so sharply…a special “seeing”anointing? I SEE BILLIONS OF ANGELS […]

Prophetic Words about ‘Sherry Shriner & Donald Trump’

Prophetic Words concerning ‘Sherry Shriner & Donald Trump’ (Words from Jesus Part 2) Seho Song Published on Jan 19, 2017 Part 2 of message – Prophetic words concerning Sherry Shriner’s deception, UFO/Angel battle sight in the Jerusalem, and Donald Trump.   Full Transcript:… Part 1 :…

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

DivineRevelations Spiritlessons Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011 While staying at a mountain cabin, Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels & met Jesus himself. Anna Rountree provides readers with a stunning vision of what heaven is like and and shows a sobering picture of […]

Hiding out in a FEMA CAMP…

Gwendolen Song 12 January 2017 DAY 19: Hiding out in a FEMA CAMP Gotcha, didn’t’ I? I got your attention pretty quickly with that catchy title, but it’s the truth. I was hiding out in a FEMA camp last night IN MY DREAMS! I was thinking that it was SUPPOSED to be a nightmare, but […]