Signs in the Heavens and on Earth

Signs in the Heavens and on Earth

Volcano Comes To Life in Rome

In One Hour is Thy Judgement Come –  Volcano Comes To Life in Rome Steven Ben-Nun Published on 21 July 2016 Breaking News Volcano Near Rome comes to Life, is judgement looming for the evils that have proceeded from this wicked city?

Nasa cuts Live video feed after ‘UFO flew over Earth’

Why live video feed was CUT after ‘UFO flew over Earth’ – NASA finally speaks out THE TRUTH behind an online video that sparked a frenzy amongst UFO believers has been revealed, with NASA finally addressing claims it cut a live video feed from the ISS when a spacecraft flew past the camera. By […]

Asteroid Smashes Deep Impact Australia Power Outages…

Paul Begley Published on Sep 26, 2016 The Asteroid smashes with a Deep Impact just off the Australian Coast causing power outages, houses shaking, bright sky of fire also Help Us Spread the Word… also… RESIDENTS of Australia were left terrified after what is believed to be a meteor crashed into Queensland. […]

Nibiru And The Coming Alien Invasion

Dearest saints, I have received this word from the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the coming end-time signs in the heavens, and the approaching alien demon invasion upon the earth, which forms part of the coming great delusion which God is permitting as His judgment upon the wicked (see 2 Thess 2:9-12). The Holy Spirit has […]

Coral bleaching hits Indian Ocean reefs

Coral bleaching hits Indian Ocean reefs Finding proof of bleaching raises concerns that it could spread globally this year CBSNEWS.COM Bleached coral Coral bleaching has reached the Indian Ocean after ravaging reefs in the Pacific, raising the prospect that damage from warming seas and other stressors could soon be seen on a global scale. In […]

Earthquake swarm at Salton Sea increases risk of big quake…

Earthquake swarm at Salton Sea increases risk of big quake on San Andreas fault Strange Sounds 30 September 2016 Earthquake swarm at Salton Sea increases risk of big quake on San Andreas fault. Get prepared, a cataclysmic event in the area is overdue!…/earthquake-swarm-at-salton-sea-i… Seismologists are worried the recent earthquake swarm at the Salton Sea […]

San Andreas Fault Is Set To Snap At Any Minute…

End Time Headlines 4 October 2016 “It would literally possibly break the I-10, sort of rupturing and offsetting it by 15 to 30 feet,” Arrowsmith said. #SanAndreas#California “The big one” was set to hit Southern California Monday night, but nothing happened. So, we went and asked the experts when they thought California and Arizona would […]

18,000 MPH Asteroid Almost Causes Mass Extinction…

 18,000 MPH Asteroid Almost Causes Mass Extinction and Nobody Saw it Coming 10 September, 2016…/18000-mph-asteroid-almost-ca…/ For the second time in a month, a giant asteroid just missed colliding with Earth and space science programs around the world were completely oblivious to the threat raising concern that our ability to detect such a cataclysmic […]

Ancient salt lake in China turns blood red

euronews (in English) Published on 29 Sep 2016 An ancient salt lake near the north China city of Yuncheng, Shanxi province, has recently turned red on one side, making it a famous tourist destination. Local officials say that the lake always turns red at this time of the year. It turned out that the red […]