Who changed the Bible

I may have found the REAL Isaiah 11:6!!!! (Mandela/Quantum Effect)

GodsWarriorPrincess 777 Published on 8 Jul 2016 I may have found the REAL Isaiah 11:6!!!!(Mandela/Quantum Effect) My new findings that the true verse was Lion shall lie with the lamb. Here is the link to the Prophecy Page with the bible verse http://deeptruths.com/letters/psychic… Eric Carlson Author, Decoding Space time: The mathematics of space https://books.google.com.au/books?id=…

New World Order Plot to Rewrite the Bible

Published on 13 Mar 2014 New World Order(illuminati/Jesuits) sought to water down the Bible gradually by changing key scripture to eventually alter the core meanings/doctrines to make the Bible compatible with their New World Religion(New Age/Luciferianism). In order to have complete control of the world they must create a religion that is inclusive to all […]