A collection of Prayers

Covenant Prayer | James Kawalya

PrayerStormTV 11 Jul 2023 #CovenantPrayer #PrayerStorm Last week we had the honour of hosting three nights of Revival right here in Manchester! Here’s James Kawalya’s preach on Covenant Prayer. If this video has been a blessing to you please consider supporting the work of Prayer Storm with a donation:  

Speaking In Tongues || Warfare Prayer In The Holy Ghost

Spiritual Warfare 11 Aug 2022 Praying in tongues is vital in the life of every believer because it speaks mysteries into the atmosphere beyond our expectations. Spiritual Warfare Prayer Team is committed to creating an atmosphere for the holy spirit to ignite and evoke your spirit to obtain the power to pray. Spiritual Warfare Prayer […]


Spiritual Warfare 20 Jun 2023 SPIRITUAL WARFARE DELIVERANCE PRAYERS Warfare Prayer to Renounce Evil. This prayer is an invitation to embrace your inner strength and courageously face the battles that lie before you. It empowers you to rise above the noise of negativity, to reject the lies that have been whispered, and to embrace the […]