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27 Prayer & Fasting Plan Published on Sep 17, 2016 DEALING WITH SATANIC ROBBERS ▲ ABOUT THIS CHANNEL ▲ ⇢27 Prayer & Fasting Plan is here to equip and help the people of God in spiritual skillfulness & growth. This channel focuses on how to incorporate prayer into fasting & vice verse – providing you […]

Terminating Demonic Assignments | Deliverance Prayer Session

27 Prayer & Fasting Plan Published on Jun 3, 2017 Terminating Demonic Assignments | Deliverance Prayer Session. Posted by express permission from Prophet Ugo Feel free to follow him on youtube: Periscope: @ProphetUgo and website: ▲ ABOUT THIS CHANNEL ▲ ⇢27 Prayer & Fasting Plan is here to equip and help the people […]

You Are My Dad – Soaking Prayer

fatherheart Uploaded on Sep 20, 2010 This 7 minute soaking prayer video was spontaneously recorded by Barry Adams. What is soaking? Soaking is simply taking time to rest in God’s presence and allow inspirational music, prayers, etc. to saturate you. Hopefully it will encourage you in your relationship with our heavenly Dad. Video and music […]

PRAYER of RENUNCIATION: Rastafarianism

History of dreadlocks Dreadlocks, also called locks, a ras, dreads, or Jata (Hindi), are matted coils of hair. Dreadlocks are usually intentionally formed; because of the variety of different hair textures, various methods are used to encourage the formation of locks such as backcombing. If the hair is not brushed or cut, it will tangle […]


SALT Covenants SALT is a POWERFUL thing in both the Bible and in Hebraic/Middle-Eastern culture. It was a sought-after commodity, at times valued almost the same as GOLD!! In the PHYSICAL, salt: • PRESERVES • FLAVOURS Let’s look at SPIRITUAL lessons for us in SALT … • SALT IN THE BIBLE SALT is actually mentioned […]

PRAYER Terminal Disease

Petition for the healing of terminal disease … Heavenly FATHER, We enter Your Courts by the Blood of Messiah Y’shua [Jesus Christ], our Redeemer and Healer … we can enter legally, because of the completed work of the Cross, and we present __________________’s case to You, Oh LORD. _________________ has unlawfully been attacked by the […]

PRAYER Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is very prominent among African people. Individuals are jealous over each other as well as families and tribes. If they see another individual/family/ tribe prospering, they will consult witch-doctors to place curses on them to try and stop them from progressing and prospering. Jealousy is so powerful … it can kill and destroy. Christians […]

PRAYER Death, the Grave, and Hell

INTRODUCTION GOD has started to teach us on bone magic and how powerful it is in the spirit. We asked the LORD to reveal to us why. GOD has taught us lessons in understanding how things work in the spirit and that is … When there is anything as powerful as this in witchcraft, then […]