A collection of Prayers

Prayer – Yours is the victory and Majesty alone

Susan Davis 25th March, 2016 Praise & Worship List Prepared by Pastor Esher Shoshannah: Yours is the victory and Majesty alone You are the Mighty God who keeps me You are the Most High and only true God In You is grace, Mercy & help in time of need Your universe is exceedingly Magnificent You […]

Deliverance of Sexual Sin

I forgive those who have rejected me, and been bitter and rebelled against me. Please forgive me for rejection, bitterness and rebellion against others and God. I ask this in The Name of Jesus Christ: Lord, Master and Saviour. I command the spirits to manifest, identify and reveal themselves. I command the families of Rejection, […]

The Sinner’s Prayer of Repentence

THE SINNER’S PRAYER OF REPENTENCE Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God And You died for me on the Cross of Calvary. I believe that You rose from the dead so that I might be forgiven of my sins and be made righteous through faith in You. Please come into my heart, […]

Breaking Evil Soul Ties

Breaking Evil Soul Ties By Maria Merola אריאל © Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, January 2010 In the name of Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach, I renounce and break now all evil soul ties that I have ever had with any person, place, source or thing. (Name all those you have formed a soul-tie with). I break now […]

The Druidism Root And Its Fruits

The Celts are a family of tribes which occupied large swathes of Europe between 2000BC. and the second century who migrated and expanded as far East as Asia even to China from archeological evidence, central Turkey and as far West as Britain and Ireland their ‘empire’ taking in Spain, Germany, Belguim, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. Much of […]

Spiritual Warfare Prayer By Yhwh Glory End Time Ministry

Spiritual Warfare Prayer By Yhwh Glory End Time Ministry We thank You Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ Yahushua HaMashiach for anointing us today to be Your prayer warriors.  We thank You Father for giving us the ability to fight against the enemies of You. We will do our best to not become passive […]

Prayer Power and Covenant Power

In spiritual living, you must move in revelation and not in reason. You must learn to act on the Word of God which is the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. You cannot know Jesus Christ or Father God or His Holy Spirit through seeking by your own knowledge. You must first reach out to Him by child-like faith. […]

Prayer of Divine Mercy

Prayer of Divine Mercy To be said at 3 pm each day Clare du Bois Published on 26th May, 2016 Please everyone, begin praying this if you are not, it is so important. I know our version is slow because we really love to enter into the prayer, there are other versions out there that […]

Prayer for Deliverance of a Son or Daughter

PRAYER FOR DELIVERANCE OF A SON OR DAUGHTER   I humbly bow before you, heavenly Father, to intercede for my child . I bring him/her before You in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank You that You have loved with the love of Calvary. I thank You that You gave him/her to […]