A collection of Prayers

Spiritual Warfare Prayer By Maria Merola

Dear Heavenly Father, whose name is set-apart as YaHuWaH Elohiym, I bow in worship and praise before you. I thank you for the blood of Yahuw-shuwa Messiah that was shed for me as the Pass-over lamb, and I receive your sacrifice as atone-ment for all of my sins: the pride of life, the lust of […]


Some years ago I published my book “Demons Defeated”. Since then there has been an explosion of interest in the matter of the deliverance ministry and I have produced this short booklet in order to encourage members of the Body of Christ. As in my book “Demons Defeated”, I freely acknowledge the blessed teaching which […]

Spiritual Warfare Prayer & THE WORD

Important Word from FATHER GOD received on February 24, 2012: ‘Serious warning and serious Word: For all those of MY Bride who are now in a 40 or 60-day fast, have I, GOD THE FATHER, compiled a list through MY daughters, to help you in these prayers. This is a serious prayer to fight against […]

Prayers against the Queen of Spirits By Apostle Tracy L Howard

I bind and cast down the queen of heaven spirit in the Name of Jesus (Jer.44:17). I bind and rebuke Jezebel, Ahab’s queen; also Athaliah, Delilah and Herodias in the Name of Jesus. I bind and cast down every queen spirit that promotes: witchcraft, perversion, religion, an anti-Christ spirit, death, diverse culture worship and rebellion […]

The Binding Prayer

THE BINDING PRAYER (Clare Du Bois) Revised on: 13th July 2015 Use this prayer, whenever it is needed, whenever there is trouble or oppression in the air, every morning or just before going into your prayer time. ~~~Begin this examination of your conscience quietly~~~ Before we go into prayer, it is good to ask Holy […]

Prayer for your Seed By Apostle Tracy L Howard

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I repent of my sins and any iniquities of my past or present that may work against the lives of my children in a negative fashion. I call out my children by name. (Name each child) I thank you for the salvation, healing, deliverance and prosperity of my […]

Cleansing Prayer By Maria Merola

Cleansing Prayer By Maria Merola YaHuWaH, Yahuwshuwa the Messiah , I know that you died on the cross for all of my sins and that you rose again from the place of death to assure my salvation; that you ascended and seated me in the place of spiritual authority at the right hand of Elohiym, […]

Prayer – Yours is the victory and Majesty alone

Susan Davis 25th March, 2016 Praise & Worship List Prepared by Pastor Esher Shoshannah: Yours is the victory and Majesty alone You are the Mighty God who keeps me You are the Most High and only true God In You is grace, Mercy & help in time of need Your universe is exceedingly Magnificent You […]

Deliverance of Sexual Sin

I forgive those who have rejected me, and been bitter and rebelled against me. Please forgive me for rejection, bitterness and rebellion against others and God. I ask this in The Name of Jesus Christ: Lord, Master and Saviour. I command the spirits to manifest, identify and reveal themselves. I command the families of Rejection, […]